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Comment: I've Tried. (Score 1) 608

by anolisporcatus (#47415181) Attached to: Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software
"Normal" people will just stare at you blankly when trying to explain things like if/else, (do)while, for(each), switch etc.. This isn't a career you can just walk into obliviously .. There was a lady in my intro to C++ class that sat with us for a week before finally asking "Is this BCIS?" .. How is that for normal? I really don't know of many people that are going along through their lives as say, a welder, or a truck driver that go "You know? It's time to start programming." So normal? Probably not, depends on what your definition of normal is. Is normal the median behavior of all humans? Is normal someone without mental "disability?" Is normal someone who has a certain set of moral views.. The question is broad. Bottom line is -- like many others have said -- people should follow their passion, programming, like any other specialty (niche) skill is not something you just pick up, it is something you have a desire to learn. The entire personality required to be good at it dictates the pursuit of the individuals knowledge and a desire to always know more.

Comment: Re:This is getting so old. (Score 1) 264

I agree, it isn't frivolous, however the penalty imposed is a bit extreme. Won't just making the offender pay a fine == $10000 to the reporter make more sense lol I guess the real issue is making things that should be civil offenses criminal is what yanks my chain

Comment: This is getting so old. (Score 2) 264

Why do the decision makers in this country have an insatiable urge to ruin everything for everyone by making needles, useless, delusion, meaningless legislation that makes our culture, our lives, our freedoms the governments issue, make normal every day illegal? It is so ludicrous, like one person stated, why do we have such a strange system in which 16 year olds, young, respectable people with futures going to jail for YEARS for stupid frivolous crap, this overly litigated country we live in now is becoming a nightmare, I read recently over FORTY-THOUSAND laws were passed last year alone, do you know what any of them are? I don't.

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