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Comment: 555 timer (Score 2, Funny) 364

by anish1411 (#28709499) Attached to: Low-Budget Electronics Projects For High School?
At school in 10th grade we had to build a diorama based around a 555 timer. I was playing half-life at the time so I wanted to incorporate the alarm sound from the 'resonance cascade' at the beginning. I asked my teacher if I could do that and he went mental. Apparently he had just given a 15 minute lecture about why we wouldn't be able to do that and I wasn't listening... :-\

Comment: Why not... (Score 1) 122

by anish1411 (#28309519) Attached to: Wii Boosts Parkinson's Treatments
...smoke some dope? Of course, patients selection should be stressed, but I think this is one of the few disease where prescibed cannabis really would help. Maybe not smoke, but ingestion or something like that. And I'm sure the side-effects will be very welcome B-) Seriously though, there's some decent evidence out there for the use of cannabis for Parkinson's.
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+ - Video Interview with Stephen Fry->

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anish1411 writes: "Everyone in the UK and beyond loves Stephen Fry. I found these interview clips a delight to watch.

'Stephen Fry is well known as an actor, author, comedian, presenter, film director, playwright and all round intellect. He's also a passionate technophile. He was the second person in England to get a Mac computer, just after the author Douglas Adams; the first person he knew on the internet and he's currently obsessed by smart phones (he admits he should get out more). VideoJug went along to ask him about what new technology excites him today and where we're heading in the future.'"

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