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Comment Reason to wish they would release the source (Score 1) 334

What I'd really like is if the companies would release the source to the old
games so that I could finally fix the blasted bugs in some of my old favorites.
I have a legal copy of Heroes of Might and Magic 4, and can play it whenever
I want, but I currently only play that game multi-player because the AI sucks
so absurdly much that it makes single-player mode pointless. I think that
with a few weeks of work I could make the AI strong enough to pose a challenge,
at least on the hardest level, and then I would have a whole lot of fun playing
it again. Oh, and I'd change how potions of immortality work, but that's another
I don't expect this to happen though, it seems that the current owners of the
Heroes of Might and Magic source are coming out with Heroes 5, with even fancier
graphics, which will probably suck compared to what Heroes 4 would be like with
a decent AI and a little fine-tuning, so they won't want the competition.

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