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Comment Re:EPIC? (Score 2) 240

that is exactly what those of us who have to use EPIC refer to it as, an EPIC failure!
  The interface was obviously written by people who have not worked in a medical office, and all the staff complain about it, but we're stuck. It would be too expensive to get another one and retrain everybody to use a new system and transfer information etc...

Comment Re:How can you trademark a color? (Score 1) 653

I was told that UPS Brown is trademarked, unsure of the validity of the statement though. This came about when someone had a scratch on their truck and I said just go to the hardware store and buy brown paint, the mechanic pulled out a can of paint and said "you can't its trademarked".

Comment Re: Debtors Prison? (Score 2) 467

As long as the debt is actually correct, then throwing a dead beat dad in jail is fine with me. It's when you go to court to fix their $7500.00 mistake only to find out two months later they screwed up and set it to $75,000.00 instead of zero! So please don't assume that a person is a dead beat dad because one of the most inept and incompetent agencies in the government says so.

Comment Re:Thankful (Score 2) 378

By the time you become a driver you have spent at least 5 years with the company, so if there were any doubts about your integrity, it would normally have surfaced before you then while you were a part time loader or unloader. Each driver had also written down addresses of the 4-5 pkgs we took, so if there were any questions, the company knew right where to go, and we used paper records to get signatures.
  Most of the time they were packages for your customers on your normal route that had arrived after you left the building in the morning, so these were your friends you would be stealing from, so just not worth it. No package was worth losing a good salary and benefits for what you may think is in the box. I worked for them for ten years and never witnessed or heard of a driver stealing, ever. I hope that answers your question.

Comment Re:Thankful (Score 5, Interesting) 378

When I was a driver (~2000) we could only be on the road for 12 hours (13 with lunch) if I remember correctly, so whether we were finished or not, we had to be back at the building within that time frame. Every Christmas I worked as a driver we were taking packages on the way home in our cars, on our own time, to make sure people got their presents.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 462

I don't know any other biologists to argue with him and he wouldn't believe them anyway, in his opinion they're in the pocket of big pharma or the government. What makes it even better is when I first met him 20 years ago he was a very arrogant biologist who would argue with anybody that believed in any religion.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 462

unfortunately it is true, I got my kids vaccinated, but since my area of study was computer science, I'm just not educated enough to speak of science matters. Yes, he is a very arrogant asshole, that's why I no longer talk to him.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1, Interesting) 462

They deserve a fucking education.

What if I told you I know a very well educated micro biologist who refuses to vaccinate his 7 kids? His wife's education is in psychology, but they are still educated, and they steadfastly refuse to vaccinate and when I try to argue I'm told "you don't know enough science to argue with me".

Comment Re:CG Avatar (Score 1, Informative) 245

From the wikipedia article:

Dissatisfied with these plans, Glover filed a lawsuit against the producers, including Steven Spielberg, on the grounds that they neither owned his likeness nor had permission to use it. Due to Glover's lawsuit, there are now clauses in the Screen Actors Guild collective bargaining agreements which state that producers and actors are not allowed to use such methods to reproduce the likeness of other actors.[7]

Comment Re:Order of Precedence (Score 1) 230

But the nature of combat is constantly changing. Ground troops are still important but their role is going to become less important over time. In the future there will be robots used in certain roles where ground troops are used now. The drone operators and cyber warriors will eventually be the main role.

But I doubt they're going to give the robots medals for it, it's not as if they can lose their life. As I stated, giving a medal to a drone pilot is one thing, ranking it higher than a medal given for having an actual presence in combat is a whole different issue.

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