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Comment Re:Inevitable. (Score 1) 258

It's not just that people wouldn't be able to buy used games for the Go, but that we won't be able to shop around. Oftentimes, you can save $5 to $20 or mpre on a brand new game if you look around. However, being locked into buying fron the PSN means thats you'll be buying at full retail price until Sony deems it appropriate to drop the price. Persona is $39.99 on the PSN and in retail stores IIRC. Should it cost that much for a digital copy, even though the RL copy comes with a soundtrack and booklet? I mean, I don't even like paying full retail price for my games or movies, so I'd hate to give up the ability to hunt for lower prices.

Comment Re:My Picks (Score 1) 275

Well, as far as graphical adventure series goes...I believe the DS is bringing the genre back. The recent incarnations of Phoenix Wright have proven to be very popular, with a new DS game on the way. Hotel Dusk, a film noir style detective story is also coming out soon. With the success that the DS is having, we might even see ports of some great Lucas Arts titles. Maybe.

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