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User Journal

Journal: Welcome to 2003

Journal by angelos

A rather anti-clamtic New Year, but at least I'm now back at work with a fully functioning Internet connection (that holiday flat over Christmas week didn't even have dialup).

Still not too sure what this space is useful for, I see lots of other people putting up blogs and diaries and they all seem to have wittier and more intelligent things to say than me... lets see how it goes...

User Journal

Journal: Functionality testing...

Journal by angelos


This is a neat little feature of slashdot that I have taken far too long to get around to playing with. As such this is an attempt to work out how it works, what I can do with it, and if I will ever be bothered to write another entry after this.

I've never really got the whole diary thing, I tried keeping one when I was younger and got bored with the whole thing quite quickly, let's see if this ends up any different...

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