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Comment Re:No, but stoners THINK it does (Score 1) 878

As a regular smoker I actually agree. I hate seeing people smoke and shit before doing something that requires coordination, planning or thought. Drivers in CA I'm looking at you. Yes there are people who are functional enough to get by high but that doesn't mean they are "optimal" when they are doing it.

Now there is a whole category of things I'm happy to do high. Shopping, eating junk food, watching reality TV... all great high activities... just not particularly productive in the first place.

Comment Re:Spatial reasoning (Score 1) 421

"Give a female who cooks a blob of leftovers or dough and she can pick the correct container that will hold the container without waste or a lot of air space. Most men can't.Give a female a pile of dishes and a dishwasher vs a male with the same dishes and dishwasher and the average female will more effectively load the dishwasher than the male." lol so some women are good at putting away leftovers and loading the dishwashers... ergo all must be.. and this is proof of better spacial reasoning... Me thinks the ops own reasoning is flawed. Also calling women a "female" instead of a woman makes you sound like a Ferengi just a heads up.

Comment Re:What a great way to die (Score 1) 600

Hundreds of thousands may honestly be pushing it. I've worked in customer surveying (not the multiple choice type surveys either) and I assure you there aren't many people complaining about this outside of /. Thats why Motorola is more then happy to say to take your business elsewhere. Its not worth it to them to vs. locking their platform down.
Classic Games (Games)

Hank Chien Reclaims Donkey Kong High Score 122

An anonymous reader writes "If you can say anything about Hank Chien, it's that he evidently doesn't take defeat very well. Sure, he knew not so deep down that his Donkey Kong World Record score wouldn't last forever, but he couldn't have foreseen that it would have been toppled so quickly. Twice, even. But he also knew that more Kong competition would be coming his way; namely Richie Knucklez Kong-Off in March. So Hank had something to prove, and prove he did. Scoring a massive 1,068,000 points in less than three hours, Hank has officially reclaimed the high score in Nintendo’s 1981 arcade classic."

Copper Thieves Jeopardize US Infrastructure 578

coondoggie supplies an excerpt from Network World that might make you consider a lock for your pipes: "The FBI today ratcheted up the clamor to do something more substantive about the monumental growth of copper theft in the US. In a report issued today the FBI said the rising theft of the metal is threatening the critical infrastructure by targeting electrical substations, cellular towers, telephone land lines, railroads, water wells, construction sites, and vacant homes for lucrative profits. Copper thefts from these targets have increased since 2006; and they are currently disrupting the flow of electricity, telecommunications, transportation, water supply, heating, and security and emergency services, and present a risk to both public safety and national security." (A July, 2006 post on Ethan Zuckerman's blog gives an idea of how widespread cable theft has affected internet infrastructure, and basketmaking, in Africa.)

Submission EU sticks it to Microsoft over Windows Licensing

EnderGT writes: "According to the Financial Times, Microsoft will be forced to hand over to rivals what the group claims is sensitive and valuable technical information about its Windows operating system for next to no compensation.

Seems Microsoft wanted 5.95% of server revenues as a license fee. Too bad the expert (oh by the way — recommended by Microsoft) on the Commission said that "even 1% would be too much"."

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