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Perhaps you should try not to switch or twist always what I say.
We talked about cosmic rays. Cosmic rays come in 3 ways, X-Rays, gamma rays and heavy ions (basically the reason for the x-rays). Well, you mention protons, ofc those come as well :) light ions then, hehe.
I pointed out that they kill the cells more or less right away ... does not matter if it takes a few minutes due to OH- radicals or even hours or what ever. Point is: they don't really cause a genetic defect that is spread due to multiplication, in contrast to radioactive elements that get incorporated into the body and may damage surrounding cells DNA for/over a long time.
Cosmic rays basically work in the same way as a neutron bomb, or intensive gamma radiation, they just come in a much lower density.
Hence IMHO external radiation is not comparable with metabolized radioactive elements, even if the 'Sievert norming groups' try hard to find 'equivalent' formulas.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47570263) Attached to: Is the App Store Broken?

And what exactly is the advantage for an app to be new? Or what is the disadvantage for an app to be old?
Last time I checked software did not age.
I rather have an old working app than a new immature one ... that does not mean new apps are immature by definition.

And why do users demand updates for old apps if the app is just working fine? I hate this update mania.

40 Apps on my iPad and many more on my iPhone demand that I update. I don't ... as long there os nothing broken I keep the old one.

If I easy could fallback to the previous one, then I would try new updates. But more interesting would be too have the old _and_ the new one.

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"so cosmic rays might even win from a danger perspective particle-by-particle"

That is what I pointed out: they kill most cells they "touch" right away. So for what they hit they are more dangerous, but for the whole body they are less dangerous as they don't "accumulate" in the body and don't continiously bombard the DNA.

A cosmic ray is like a bullet, it goes in and goes out ...

Regarding the rest, I'm not an expert regarding Sieverts ... most publications are in Becquerel anyway.

notably zero of which became a radioactive wasteland but they where for years ... seems you forgot that.

Why people ask for "Sources" when someone points out public knowledge is beyond me :D

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I guess we disagree on two points:
a) you implied that christian male circumcision is a religious thing, which it is not
b) you believe that male circumcision is a mutilation, which it is not

Females more or less get their sexual organs, at least the part around the vagina, removed, that is a mutilation, sexual intercourse afterwards is a pain and not fulfilling. Males only get a bit of skin removed, sexual intercourse an a normal sex life is no problem.

However if you like to fight for male rights not to be circumcised, go ahead :) You have my blessing.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47562083) Attached to: Programming Languages You'll Need Next Year (and Beyond)

There are many (classes of) languages.
Natural languages are unpriced, they drop into jargon, e.g. if you write a cooking recipe: "100g carrots, chopped", not a correct sentence, grammatically correct, but perfect cooking jargon.

Then there are programing languages, some simple ones, and more complex ones called "turing complete".

Then there are plenty of languages that describe something completely different, like web pages (HTML) or books (TeX) ... OTOH I would not wonder if TeX is indeed turing complete ...

Anyway, as long as you can not perform a calculation in HTML, XML, CSS or whatever you pick: t is not a programming language.

still it's *semantics*'s all machines following code pounded by a monkey And? The firing sequence in your cars engine is a programming language because a (computer) machine is pounding it out?

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