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Comment: Re:yes. tried one. (Score 2) 325 325

(i.e. circulatory problems, certain spinal issues, heart problems) for a different set of issues with standing desks (i.e. foot problems, different spinal issues, heart problems).
Those problems are very likely food and lifestyle issues and have nothing to do with sitting or standing while working on a keyboard.

Comment: Re:DirectX for Macs? Replacing OpenGL? (Score 1) 94 94

Care to explain what is so horrible with OpenGL?

After all I have plenty of OpenGL games, like Decent ... seems the developers at that time did not find it horrible at all.

Ten years ago everyone was complaining about the horribility of DirectX ... I wonder when and why that should have changed.

Comment: Re:Lawrence (Score 1) 233 233

So, forget any line of reasoning like "Maybe Paul said XYZ because of his Jewish heritage and don't forget that the Roman governor had been stamping down on ABC, so if the early Christians wanted to avoid being persecuted, they had to act this way." The correct answer is always "Because God."
That is complete nonsense.
Everyone I'm aware about doing bible interpretations is fully aware about the fact that the bible was written by humans.
We all know Jesus was not "walking on water" as the amaraic phrase only means "to stroll at the beach".

parts of the new testament that deal with sexual immorality
Care to point some out? AFAIK the new testament has not much to say about sexuality.

Comment: Re:Lawrence (Score 2) 233 233

within their "religious beliefs" because those things are permissible when the victim is a non-believer and has been given the opportunity to convert;
That is nonsense.
There are three so called "book religions", Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Islam honours all those as "believers". Some fanatics in any of those religions might disagree.
However as a matter of fact: all those religions pray to the same god. And actually there are a few more religions that pray to that god, eg. the Yazidis.

Centuries of central and north african slave trade was founded upon this idea that a non-believer was fair game.
No, it was founded on the fact that Christians payed a fair amount of money for black slaves!

Comment: Re:I wouldn't blame the coders (Score 1) 94 94

If they can deal with three different graphics engines, you'd think adding a fourth would be no big deal.

Think about digging a hole for a basement.
After you have done 3, the 4th is the same work. You only know ore about making breaks, drinking water etc.

Comment: DirectX for Macs? Replacing OpenGL? (Score 0) 94 94

How retarded is that?

Just because M$ is the market leader suddenly there is a DirectX for Macs? Never heard about that before.

And game vendors prefer DirectX over OpenGL?

One of the reasons I don't work in the game industry ... I would vomit before going to work, several times in between and several times after.

How anyone think she can program a game for DirectX and then port it to OpenGL instead of the other way around or simply only doing OpenGL is beyond me.

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

Plan and plant are both legal/valid english words.
So they are not red underlined by a spelling complainer.
If you are able to spot such a spelling mistake, consider your self fortunated.
My brain reads 'plant' even as there is written 'plan' ... because 'plan' would not pass the semantical analysis of the sentence. My brain dors error correction just fine ... I don't know nor do I care if the 't' got losst by the writer, the internet or got eaten by the spaghetti monster.
Riding on spelling mistakes of othets is just plain stupid ...
Oh, I lost track, what I was about to say again ...

Comment: Re:Profit over safety (Score 1) 127 127

Sorry, you are an idiot.
The power 'your' plant is producing is not determined by you in any way. The company owning the plant has a job position called 'Dispatcher'.
That is the guy who is running the whole fleet of plants of said company.
Except for unexpected downtime a GM (does that mean 'general manager'?) has no influence at all on power production or sales and hence his salary is in no way related to the power production of 'his' plant.

However I guess you want to be so ehow ironic :)

The problem with 'accidents' are several bad things come together by coincident.

Chernobyl e.g. was not an 'accident'. The operators put the plant intenionally into a situation where it must go 'boom' without realizing that it would go 'boom'.

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