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Comment: Re:Why virtual currencies are ineffective (Score 1) 143

by angel'o'sphere (#48633927) Attached to: Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

Pfft ...
You are wrong too. Especially aboit your believes what I know, might know, don't know or might not know ...
I can use Bitcoin without mining. Wow, what a surprise. Just like I can use gold without mining it.
No one is forced, abducted, or in any way drawn into using or mining bitcoins. So it is not a scheme and certainly not a pyramid scheme.
The price of the bitcoin today is completely irrelevant ... you simply don't get the concept.
I don't buy bitcoins, I buy a physicsl good. Bitcoins Imonly use for money transfer. It does not matter if I have to buy X bitcoins today for $20 to buy an item worth $20 or if I have to buy Y bitcoins tomorrow for $20 to buy a similar item. I don't care what X and Y are ... but you do, and that is your mistake.

Comment: Re:"Could", (Score 1) 394

by angel'o'sphere (#48633865) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

I beg to differ, too.

Perhaps you should read what you link, then first you would know that Hansen is no climatologist, so his "opinion" is not a scientific "prediction" and secondly if you would follow the links in your post you would be able to read a scanned document available on google, just two, sentences behind the 'Hudson' quote you want to make Mr. Watson says: climate change is inevitable, the question is only timeframe and amount.

Ah, now we are down from 'scientists' to 'advocates' ... you are an advocate, too! You just predict the opposite. So about what are you complaining? That the press is printing the wrong persons opinions?

Bottom line we don't know where we actually would be right now if not many western nations had redused their CO2 output drasticly. So you blaim now advocates that their dire predictions did not happen because other people,took care to prevent them from happening?

Sea level rises are a no brainwr ... no idea what you want to defute here.

Comment: Re:Now if India would just invest in its own peopl (Score 1) 56

by angel'o'sphere (#48629335) Attached to: India Successfully Test Fires Its Heaviest Rocket

This is a job for every indian.
Not for 'the government' or 'the space agency'.
As long as a two year old toddler can sit on the middle of a road crossing, with cars navigating around it, and no one picks it up, and calls 'authorities' or tries to find the mother, there is something seriously wrong in the attitude to live, other people, children etc. Nothing a 'government' can fix over night.
Same for a dead man lying on a road, all the passing people and car drivers consider him sleeping. Even if he is, what is the damn problem to get him off the road to the pedestrian side walks? No one cares about anything in india, only 'outsiders' care about corruption, that is so sad, it is not even funny!

Comment: Re:Biggest Probem? (Score 1) 143

by angel'o'sphere (#48629199) Attached to: Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

The 'power' of the USD comes from the time when Nixon abandoned the 'gold standard' and forced the middle east to sell oil for USD only. So the dollar was more or less till the late 90s 'backed' by oil, the most important commodity of the world.
Otherwise the dollar has no power at all, hint: 85% of the world population pay their taxes not in dollar.
The idea that a currency has 'power' because you are 'forced' to pay your 'taxes' in it: is just ridiculous.

Comment: Re:More important: how is this happening? (Score 4, Informative) 69

by angel'o'sphere (#48624473) Attached to: Terrestrial Gamma Ray Bursts Very Common

Gamma rays are produced by many processes, not only nuclear fusion.

In this case they are very likely produced by simple ionization of gases and extreme acceleration of electrons. So, yes it is electric.

The distinction between X-Rays and gamma rays is not the way how they are produced but the energy level.

It is the same type of interaction like high atmosphere gamma rays that are produced by very high energetic solar wind particles.

Comment: Re:Why not push toward collapse? (Score 2) 424

by angel'o'sphere (#48619599) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

Why would Chechnya "export" terrorism?

Sorry, seems you have not much clue. Chechnya is a nation that tries to separate from Russia.

During WW II the chechnic "terror attacks" would have been called "commando attacks", sure getting civilians as hostages in a theatre is a bit over the edge, but the germans, the spanish and the italian _REGULAR TROOPS_ did the exact same during WW II and the Spanish Revolution wars.

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