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Comment: Re:LENR is not fusion (Score 1) 123

by angel'o'sphere (#48674749) Attached to: Bill Gates Sponsoring Palladium-Based LENR Technology

Many LENR reactions (if not all) are fusion reactions.

Or how do you call it if a H atom "combines" with another one?

Low energy fusion in vacuum are researched since the 1890s (yes, eight teen not nine teen), especially japanese, italian and german researchers did stuff like this over 100 years ago. Easy to google btw.

Comment: Re:do what you want. (Score 1) 230

by angel'o'sphere (#48673527) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

The majority of archers shoot bows like:
Long bow, british
Recurve hunting bows
Skyth bows
Hungarian bows
Korean bows
and plenty of others ... Olympic bows are only shot by athlets competing there and people who want to compete there.

Only retards shoot an olympic bow. Regarding your 'butthurt' I only supported the minimal sense, my parent's post made.

Regarding your [what] ... the word left of is is 'now'. N and B are right beside on the keyboard. We are talking about bows. So your '[what]' only shows how retarded you are.

If you want to defend that toy bows are the right thing for the Olympics, don't talk to me ... I have no influence on the Olympics and I don't participate in toy bow shootings.

Regarding to shooting an Olympic bow, that kind of archery is no challange in respect to true archery. In regards to that I'm on par with our retarded GP.

Bottom line: I don't get about what you are arguing ... you shoot a 'normal bow' as good as an Olimpic does a 'special' bow? Is that your point? You can't shoot a normal bow?

Winning the Olympics means you shoot better than the other competitors ... it has no meaning in regards to the rest of the worlds archers (using other bows or distances, who did not join the Olympics)

Runnig fast in the Olympics means there are less than 100 people on the planet and in future likely less than 1000 (or lets make it 10000) people who EVER will be faster than you.

Comment: Re:Biggest Probem? (Score 1) 144

by angel'o'sphere (#48673299) Attached to: Will Ripple Eclipse Bitcoin?

That does not give the dollar a power, it is your contract that forces you to pay in dollar.
If you had a contract with me you would pay in euroes, which would not give the euro any more power.
No idea where your wiered ideas come from.

When I program on a unix system I use Java ... oh .... that was not your point? Well, I also use shell (sh/ksh/bash) and rarely perl ... aehem ... what has that to do with money?

Comment: Re:do what you want. (Score 1) 230

by angel'o'sphere (#48673271) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

Of course it is subjective.

However if you don't grasp the difference between better shoes and a bow that is not a bow then you don't qualify for the discussion.

You could as well say a remote controlled ball, for soccer, golf or tennis is fine ... the player only needs to push it into the general direction and a coach/supervisor directs into the goal/hole.

Sorry, but a bow with stabelizers and aiming assists has nothing to do with archery ... they could as well use a crossbow.

Shoot a now and get a clue instead of nitpicking about words.

Tool A in competition X .... verus
Tool B in competition Y ... only is similar in grammar ... not in physics.

Comment: Re:"Could", (Score 1) 399

by angel'o'sphere (#48673163) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

Actually, no Europe is not. They are exporting their Co2 production to China and India where imports from them have increased over 10 fold and Europe is facing de-industrialization issues not only with those two countries but with former soviet countries who have no restrictions. The only thing Europe is showcasing is how to export Co2 production and tank their economies.
Well, the rest of your post is already nonsense. But this tops it.
Why don't you simply check how much Europe is importing from China?!
You could even compare that with the CO2 reduction done in Europe the last 20 years and the increase of CO2 production in China over the last 20 years. Hint: regardless of your idiotic (false!) claims the reduction in CO2 production in Europe is still more than the increase in China.
Perhaps you like to talk about the USA? But I really doubt that the US shifted much of their CO2 production to China and import that many goods now.
This is simpy a US strawman argument.

The rest of your post(s) clearly shows you how sciense and research works ...

How exactly should a government do its own research? Paying funds to a private company? Or having its own research institutions competing with private companies?

Taxing what you don't want, like pollution, and leaving the rest to 'the market' workes quite fine if you leave the market otherwise alone.

Comment: Re:Dementia will get'm long before 120 (Score 1) 438

by angel'o'sphere (#48673149) Attached to: How Venture Capitalist Peter Thiel Plans To Live 120 Years

I did not change the subject.
I pointed out that Telomerase only works in very few kinds of human cells.
So it is very unlikely that muscle cells or what ever cells got tested in your studies lengthen their telomeres.
It is much more likely that more stem cells are produced and help in muscle growth so that other cells dont split (and lose telomere) so that bottom line perhaps in an excercised body the average length of the telomeres is longer than in an non excercised one.
In no way does that imply or make any sense in hinting that existing cells with telomeres of length X get longer telomers by excercising (that is what you implied, and AFAIK that is impossible in a human body ... not so in Chameleons or Eals e.g. )

Next try?

The blood cell telomere length is a no brainer, as one of the three strands of human cells that can perform telomerase are bone marrow cells, which produce: ..... think think think ? ... think more ... think more ... wow: blood cells!
And an excericing persons forst body reaction is? Think ... think ... think more ... think more ... what do you think? Producing more Blood Cells! Right!

Wow, that was easy ...

So: afaWk excersising has no real effect on telomeres, not in your brain, not in your liver not in your heart or anywhere else. However your sperm quallity is increasing ... if you are into that.

Comment: Re:Psychologically speaking... (Score 1) 279

by angel'o'sphere (#48673113) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

Giving blood, the parents hint, does not reduce the 'toxidity' of iron.
If you suffer from to much iron in your blood you have to reduce iron intake (perhaps stopping to use subplements).

"Life without bread" has nothing to do with the topic. The parnet proclaimed living 'carb free' is 'important' ... while it is not (and actually I live on a very low carb diet, for personal reasons and not because stupid diet ideas)

There's a lot, lot, lot you don't know.
Of course there is. But not regarding nutrition ;)

Comment: Re:Supply / Demand curve (Score 1) 183

by angel'o'sphere (#48673097) Attached to: Uber Pushing For Patent On Surge Pricing

Russia has not a working market nor a working society or government ...
So ofc the prices change 'randomly' or simply follow the 'hyper inflation', that has nothing to do with the fact that markets usually are not ss simple as some 'american' 3rd grade school book proclaims.
(You already pointed out the influence of currency and inflation)

Comment: Re:Tree of liberty (Score 1) 349

by angel'o'sphere (#48673077) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

It had all to do what you said as answer to my comment.
The constitution (hence the name) legislates the rights of the government versus its citizens and the rights of the citizens versus the government (that is true for every constitution of the world).

And you tried to proclaim now several times that this is not the case.

In other words a law that restricts me from insulting your dead body, is not against the 'free speech artice/amendment' of your or any other constitution.

I suggest you for funk sake ask a lawyer if YOU are allowed in YOUR country to insult the corpses of the dead.

I guess I could google that for you ... but the fun talking with was over when you started insulting me and getting emotional about stuff that is simply speaking: not of your business.

Hint: in the USA every few days a white cop kills a (usually unarmed) black guy and he does not even get prodecuted (would not care if he is found 'not guilty' if they at least would prosecute him) ... there are still areas in the world where children are starving ... the USA have either not ratified or not even signed the 'international human rights bill' ... there is plenty of stuff to get upset about, but a moron who tweats about dead corpses does certainly not belong to them.

Comment: Re:Someone needs some perspective ... (Score 1) 349

by angel'o'sphere (#48673051) Attached to: UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

I'm not in the need to have more than a simple graps about the US constitution (and my impression is, my grasp covers more than your 'knowledge') as I'm not arguing about it.
You however are constantly arguing about a topic happening in another country which has its own constitution. Perhaps you should try to graps the legal concepts of that country a little bit instead of 'censoring' that countries 'right of free speech' to craf and apply 'its own laws'.

Regarding my nick, that is super simple ... my real name is Angelo ... that was actually easy to guess and unlike you I don't make new nicks for random topics to proclaim my idiotic self centered world views.

"Don't talk to me about disclaimers! I invented disclaimers!" -- The Censored Hacker