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Comment Re:PBS show of cellphone cancer recently (Score 1) 367

Banning tobacco in public has obviously only a limited effect.

But the number of smokers did not change much, so obviously the cancer rate stays the same.

Your argument makes no sense.

The likelihood that a smoker gets cancer in his live time is about 60%.

Smoking is basically the most certain way to kill yourself.

Comment Re:That's 800€ by the way. (Score 1) 367

In germany, too.
Actually it is an international convention.
However as writing skills decline it becomes more and more common to place it behind the value. In Germany e.g. both writings are somewhat accepted, but retarded as we germans are, if you write an "english test" it is an error to put the pound sign behind the value, or for that matter the dollar sign.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 367

That "ASPARTAME" (is that spelled so?) is a really dangerous sweetener is known since ~30 years.

A good thing he is trying to get rid of it.

Point: Anecdotal evidence to support a claim is still EVIDENCE, even if it is a sample of one.
Agreed the idea that "anecdotical evidence" is no evidence is a fully american one. Every evidence is evidence, (facepalm).

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 367

Don't be afraid to let kids scream a couple of times. Totally ignore them when they do it. They'll soon figure out it doesn't work.

The message is quite the opposite.
If I have trouble and need my parents: they don't care.

ask kids what they want to do today, what they want to eat, or whatever. You don't ask kids what they want, you tell them
The message again is quite the opposite: you are worthless shit, you eat what i give you, you do what I tell you.

You put whatever it is everybody else is eating on a plate in front of them and tell them to eat it. If they don't eat it, they go hungry.
Exactly, better then forcing it down their throats. Ah ... that is the main reason why I don't talk to my parents anymore since 30 years.

You are an complete idiot and I hope you never have children. Actually as an Atheist: I pray, you never have children

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 367

(There is still sunlight in that remote area she is living in so she is still exposed to EM fields much stronger than we can produce on earth)
What nonsense is that? Basically every technically created EM field is stronger than the "magnetic field" or what ever you mean with "EM" field, the photons of the sun carry with them.

A plain magnet from a toy store has a stronger field.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 367

Now, I know studies have been done, so such sensitivity almost certainly doesn't exist,
There are also studies showing the opposite.

Also: it is plain stupid (or simply uneducated) to believe such sensitives are not existing. After all the human body consists 70% of water. It is a no brainer that radio waves affect a human body. Hint: most modern communication is in the microwave band, which is easy to show that it indeed has effects on the human body.

Do you get "ill" from it? No idea.

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