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Comment: Re: Apple not in my best interests either (Score 1) 168

by angel'o'sphere (#47920943) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

Why should I? I talked about stuff long ago, I'm not interested in gcc :)
I use LLVM/clang on my Mac and professional C++'compilers for embedded (but honestly, because the customers demand it)

That was not my 'viewpoint' but a reiteration of stuff I observed the recent years.

However it is nice if modern gcc is back on track for standard compliance and state of the art code generation.

Comment: Re:Science creates understanding of a real world. (Score 1) 768

by angel'o'sphere (#47920869) Attached to: How Scientific Consensus Has Gotten a Bad Reputation

In hind sight I'm not sure if you mixed it up or if I thought you mixed it up ss you capitalized most words.

Nevertheless the bigger part of your previous post is nonsense, and I'm tired to dispute you.

You must live in a nice isolated place if temperatures did not rise for you since 1998 ... care to share where that is. Perhaps I consider moving there ;D

You get some stuff wrong, btw. There is nothing funny about not being aware of record ice extends: if there is none.
The record ice extend just made recent news, debunking the 4 month old claim, that we had a record that long ago. There is a new /. story about it, btw.

As I mention before, record means: it is an all time high/low, not a mere: aboove/below average of recent years.

The topic is solved, we pretty well understand where the ice comes from, just read the +5 posts on the /. story from a day or two days ago.

Also interesting that you attribute nonsense to me: "there can't be AGW and an ice record at the same time!"
Yes there can, if you believe otherwise, explain why :)

Prior to 1950 CO2 emissions were too small to have any significant effect. In fact, there was a slight cooling trend from 1950 - 75.
I don't know why the IPCC writes such nonsense. Or in other words: define significant. More CO2 leads to a higher temperature, nothing to argue about. The word significant is wrong or missleading here. There was no cooling trend between 1950 and 1975 ... really cool it was 1945 to 1950, afterwards it warmed slightly, around 1970 we had a 'climate' as it used to be, perhaps that emphasizes your 'no significant impact'.
And yes, I'm so old to have witnessed that in person, so I don't need retarded links to proof it or links to contradict it.
The difference beween chrismas all time low and all time high in my lifetime is over 50 degrees centigrade (-33 to +23, three years ago ... so much to the cooling you proclaim we experience since 1998 ... there is none. Perhaps the summers have less heat records, therefor the winters have plenty, which go unnoticed)

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by angel'o'sphere (#47920645) Attached to: Schizophrenia Is Not a Single Disease

Sorry, but what is in you ears the difference between 'oy' in joy an 'eu' in feud? For me as a layman there is none.
Your deduction of the word utopia is half right: It comes from 'ou' - nothing/none and 'tropia' - place, meaning 'no such place'. But 'ou' is not the same as 'eu', obviously. Hint: there are classic greek 'utopia' novels which make pretty clear what the origion of the word is :)

How attic greek actually was pronounced, no one knows. But best bet is: similar to modern greek.

Comment: Re: Apple not in my best interests either (Score 1) 168

by angel'o'sphere (#47917529) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

They stopped using gcc for various reasons, the project was stagnant, ridden by core developers that could not agree on a road map, it forked a few times I believe and it was always not only buggy but years behind modern C++ standards. Not to mention gcc is slow and the code it produces was not really fast or small in the recent years.
No idea how it is faring right now.

Comment: Re:don't they already vent hydrocarbon gasses? (Score 0) 81

by angel'o'sphere (#47903675) Attached to: Solar Powered Technology Enhances Oil Recovery

Another smart /. poster who exactly knows what the guys we talk about do wrong.

So, lets summarize: the oil platforms using mirrors (not solar panels aka PV as you claim!) should use natural gas instead, because that would be cheaper. And you are surprised that the owner of the oil platform disagrees? Perhaps that particular oil field has no gas left? Or the gas is sold elsewhere? Hm, how does it come, what degree or secret insight do you have that you know more about "competitive oil prices" than one who actually is running an oil platform?

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And? What is the problem with that? Brown coal is a low contribution to our electric power. And brown coal is one of the few resources we have at home.
So we neither have to pay the money nor the CO2 toll for mining it elsewhere and transporting it to us.

Your point was that we increased brown coal burning, which is wrong ... from where we get it is our business.

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