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Comment: Re:For a country so good at engineering... (Score 1) 103

by angel'o'sphere (#47802835) Attached to: Radioactive Wild Boars Still Roaming the Forests of Germany

BTW: gas is not cheap. It is bound to the oil price. If oil increases in price, so does gas. And: Germany roughly produces 10% of its electric energy with gas.
So even if gas would became 'cheap' we would lack plants to use it. Just by availability of a 'cheap' energy source a country can not switch its energy production to that source: you need a plant for it!
+++ Idiot +++

Comment: Re:For a country so good at engineering... (Score 1) 103

by angel'o'sphere (#47802767) Attached to: Radioactive Wild Boars Still Roaming the Forests of Germany

Unlike you, "the Idiot Merkel" has a PhD in Physics.
And as you are not aware about German politics: the exit from nuclear power production was decided 10 years before her by the Schroeder (red/green) government.
The 'idiot Merkel' reverted that decision, extending the run time of nuclear reactors for another 20(?) years. Good for her she realized after Fukushima, that this was a bad idea. Otherwise she had lost the next election. WE DON'T WANT NUCLEAR POWER!
The idiot is you. We live in a fucking fake democracy, we can not decide about ANYTHING AT ALL! Otherwise we never even have had nuclear power at all! And now idiots like you run around and proclaim ignorantly: the german idiots abandon nuclear power!? WTF: if we would live in a true democracy there was nothing to abandon! We simply would not have it in the first place!

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by angel'o'sphere (#47802663) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

The electric grid loses about 5% - 7% of its power due to transportation.
Actually some wind plants in Germany do that. Feeding H2 created by electrolysis into the gas grid and using a gas turbine connected to the gas grid during high demand. (Well, you combine a wind farm/park with one gas turbine obviously)

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by angel'o'sphere (#47802599) Attached to: Feds Want Nuclear Waste Train, But Don't Know Where It Would Go

You should have had the laws of gravity ... that covers basically everything you need to know about orbits.
Anyway, it does not matter wether you aim directly for the sun with a railgun or only shoot into orbit and then use a rocket. The energy and velocity change is the same.
Point is: to hit the sun you need a quite huge velocity change of the projectile.
Everything 'falling towards' the sun basically goes into an orbit around it. To make it actually hit you have to make it very very slow in relation to the sun. (Earth is quite fast in relation to the sun).

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I read as a child stories from 'James Fenimore Cooper', not sure if it was mentioned in one of the 'The Leatherstocking Tales' or another one.
Anyway, a town prepared for the birds, they armed cannons with pellet ammunition. Cannons, not mere rifles! While the fighting in those stories already was tough, for a child, the massacre on the birds I never understood, until I read about other animal massacres ... baby seals got killed up into the late 1990s, unbelievable, elephants are still killed in the 10,000ds per year, and we likely only have 50k left.

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