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Comment Re:Solar Windows! Ha! Take that, Linux and Apple! (Score 1) 86

That is wrong.
On Average the amount of sunlight at the south pole is the same as at your place.
You forget they have close to three month eternal day and another 6 month something like a 50% day and 50% night cycle and obviously another three month more or less eternal night.

Comment Re:20% is extremely low (Score 2) 86

Limits due to Carnot cycle apply.
That is nonsense.

The Carnot Cycle is a principle of thermodynamic engines/systems. Which does not apply to a PV system.

Here we have a "photo electric effect" (guess who got a Nobel Prize for it?):

The fact that our day PV panels have a "low" efficiency, comes from the fact that they only can react on/capture photons in a small bandwidth.

That has nothing to do with thermodynamics or Carnot, who -btw - as far as I know did not win a Nobel Prize.

Comment Re:This is kind of a trope (Score 2) 86

You are just an idiot who never dug into the topic and now risks a big mouth.

Basically eery surface in a city can be covered with nearly zero cost film solar "material".

For windows ofc you want something that lets 90% or more or less light pass through, otherwise you spoil the idea of the "window".

Paint/thin film solar pv stuff is a huge contributor to the solution.

I suggest you read a bit about those technologies.

Comment Re: double blind testing (Score 1) 456

"Well controlled and conducted double-blind studies have shown that symptoms were not correlated with EMF exposure."

Yes, and? What is your point? You did definitely not listen.

I simply corrected the braindead idea of the GP that EM waves have no effect on the human body.

No idea what you want to say, so.

The quote above (from your last comment) makes no sense at all: you can not double blind study a single person and determine if her/his symptoms are caused by X. What ever X is.

Comment Re:PBS show of cellphone cancer recently (Score 1) 456

No idea what CVD is supposed to be.

Over 70% of the smokers die to smoking induced illnesses.

That is a fact. The rest of them dies probably more early in car accidents or other things.

Hm, how high is the percentage of obese smokers?

There is no single truth, so spare us with idiotic side lines like this: Don't let the report convince you against something you've already decided as your world truth,

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 325

In most parts of europe health care is not payed with taxes.
On top of that the "systems don't work" (actually they work) because there is no real market. Different "institutions" have different interests.

E.g. in Germany hospitals like to have people to long in the hospital, as the hospital is payed per day.

That has nothing to do with immigrants, low taxes or non working refugees.

In Denmark health care is payed by taxes, it is basically a branch of the state. You get kicked out of the hospital as soon as you seem fit.

Bottom line the system is the same: people are required to pay as an "insurance" money into a pool. That pool is used to treat those who need.

Nevertheless the way how it can be done and how much you bottom line pay is quite different.

Comment Re:Does Ada count as 'little known'? (Score 1) 428

If you mean with "predictable" timing constraints then write so.
You seemed to believe that some languages are more deterministic than others.
Regarding to your question: I would need or know what vector you are talking about and either see its source code or the documentation.

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