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Journal Journal: Test for Journal

seems with Chrome the Journal works more or less fine.
With IE 8 (wich I'm forced to use at work) it does not work at all.


Journal Journal: How the power grid works

Part one:
Part two:

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Journal Journal: ScuttleMonkey

Hm, can't we have a kind of blackboard or message system in /.?

I liked to send ~ ScuttleMonkey a message but it seems I can't ... or to other "users" I can't neither ...


Journal Journal: Still looking for an XUL Client Server App based on Firefox

Just modded in this discussion:

Nice Links showed up: about XUL templates. oline repository of Free PDFs about XUL. source code of an XTB implementation in JavaScript. (by Jeremy Bowers) example site about XUL, running in Firebird. Readers say, this one is not that good, but outdated. Nevertheless I never found it via the mozilla home page or google (because I googlef for client/server and network XUL applications).

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Journal Journal: Another bestpost ever ...

well, most posts are funny or just 'interesting' some how.

Your post was very analytic, and it was just like I had written it:

perfect, so I added you :D


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Journal Journal: a new friend ...

That was the best post on /. ever ... hillarious I would say in my poor english :D


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Journal Journal: added LoocSiMit (760771) to my friends list

Hm, that post was not only insightfulöl but also really sarcastic :D

Luckyly I could calm down my fingers and I did not comment on that articel. I agree with all posters who basicly found the Saloon article "bull shit" and bashed the gnome team accordingly.

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Journal Journal: Fans and Foes 1

Hm ...

anybody can shed some light on how friends and foes work.

E.g. if I click on my foe link ... are those people displayed there guys I consider as foe, or are that guys who have descided that they consider me as foe?

I think the pages displayed when you click on friend/foe/freak etc.. should have a headline and an explanaition :-/


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