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Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Oh for fuck's sake, you've really got your panties in a bunch, don't you? Actual trolls must have a field day with you.

Umm, no I don't got 'm in a bunch. Your reply indicates I really pissed you off though.

I never said 'solar sucks'.

You did write this:

Except when it's a cloudy day.

Except when it's night time where you need power.

Except where it's not practical or possible to have solar panels.

Two comments about that, one, it's true you disn't specifically use the word "sucks"

But if we're going to be that precise, and since you used quote marks, why don't you point out where I said that you said "solar sucks"

Now, bashing fusion power is just plain silly, even if we don't have it

Seriously pal - who you arguing with? I think you are having conversations in your head about what I've said.

I'm not bashing fusion power at all. I'm bashing your not very clever comments about solar panel technology by comparing to a technology that doesn't exist yet.

And, finally: I'm sick and bloody well tired of the NIMBYs, environmentalists, and whoever else that gets their panties in a twist over anything with the word 'nuclear' in it.

Yes, I can see you have some anger issues. Don't transfer them onto me.

We have to transition out of fossil fuels, and the sooner the better, and nuclear power of some sort or another frankly one of the best and cleanest alternatives.

I wholheartedly agree.

Fission is messy but honestly it may be the best short-term solution

I likewise believe that fission can be made safe. It's really a matter of true recognition of the concentration of energy, the effects of radiation on materials, and allowing a conservative engineer have the final decision on every matter of safety. Not bean counters, not CEO's, not the guvmint.

So environmentalists and their alarmist ways need to calm the hell down and stop spreading FUD to the uneducated masses, I'm sick of hearing it, as are apparently so many others

Here is where I have some telling for you, although given your brittleness, I know you won't take it.

Do not for a minute think that a lot of people were told that nuclear power generation was prefectly safe. You can look up those words and see them emblazoned for you. Do not think for a minute that people were told Fukushima was safe. Three Mile island was a close call, but in the end, relatively minor.

So what you and your "sick and bloody well tired" of an opposing view folks have is a real and serious credibility problem.

1. You can rail on about how safe nuclear power is, but not many people are going to believe you. They are going to remember how they were told it was safe, then figure you are just telling them more of the bullshit - and you can quote me on that one.

2. Watching Chernobyl and Fukushima - not many want to get any of that yummy nukey fireworks. See number 1.

3. Acting as if anyone who has any ideas to the contrary is your enemy, or stupid, is not going to further your cause. You made completely incorrect assumptions about me based on my calling you out for comparing a technology that doesn't exist yet to a technology that is operating right now.

That's all I did, and you managed to extrapolate a lot of things from that, all completely untrue. You are a really bad advocate for nuclear power.

Comment Re:Germany does have a unique history (Score 1) 325

"We aren't going to pretend this didn't happen." Except that is exactly what they did. You cannot even learn about the Nazis in Germany, as they ban all content the mentions them. America and the rest of the world gets Nazi and holocaust documentaries and novels, German citizens don't.

Are you joking or trying to be ironic?
There are endless complaints from German students of too much Nazis and holocausts.

Nazi/Holocaust education is mandatory in all of German schools.

Here's some links.

Comment Re:Graph explains everything (Score 1) 302

how think that the plants will be highly radioactive like conventional fission plants.

Actually the fusion plants when decommissioned are highly radioactive.
I really wonder why you believe your "opinion" on this subject has any value if you don't even know the basics?

Why they are highly radioactive I leave for to figure yourself ... actually you only need to think 5 mins about it ... but perhaps you prefer to google quickly.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Strange, in my country the winters became from somewhat dry but cold and snowy into wet and rainy and foggy and humid ...

Seems the climate does not know that global warming leads to dry winters ....

How should that actually work? Warmer air above the sea, but less evaporation? Sounds fishy to me.

Ah, you want to say: in your area? That might be so :D

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Except when it's a cloudy day.
Except that solar panels work under clouds, too!
Except when it's night time where you need power.
Except that at night you need far less power than during daytime, which is likely coming from wind then.
Except where it's not practical or possible to have solar panels.
Wow, you live at a pole? And you think building there a fusion plant makes sense?
Except that, I surmise, the power density and lifespan of a practical fusion reactor will make it many times more practical than littering every available horizontal surface with solar panels that will have to be replaced in 20 years or less.

The replacement time for solar panels never was 20 years. Considering that they usually come with a 30 year warranty ...
Oh, and don't tell me 'battery banks!' because unless someone comes up with a way of directly storing electric power that scales up very, very cheaply, it's not really a practical solution to have bank after bank after bank of Li+ (or whatever) batteries, which in way less than 20 years will have to be junked and replaced, too.
You only need batteries if you want them, or if you are on a boat or car. In a house they make no sense and on a grid you would use large scale flow batteries and likely not Li+
I suspect you're the environmentalist type, like the Sierra Club or similar, and really are going to be against any type of centralized power generation; get over it already. We need nuclear power, if we're going to get out of the downward spiral that will turn the Earth into a copy of what Venus looks like now: A searing, lifeless black hell hot enough to keep lead molten on it's surface.
No, we need to get rid of CO2 pollution. It does not matter how that is done.
BTW: the earth can not turn into a second Venus. Neither enough C nor O here ...

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Have you analyzed how much energy you will expend to melt the snow, relative to the time rate of electric energy produced by the panel?

Have you analyzed that there are people actually using this stuff? I worked with an engineers some years ago with your outlook, We took a process that we were using, and after careful analysis, he determined that it was impossible. The system we had been using for years would not work.

Seriously, this is pretty basic math and electrical calculations,. You have your production ability based on insolation/hours, your storage based on ampere hours, and odds and ends of cables and other efficiencies. Are you by any chance a moon landing denier?

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Now lots think about it. To run enough power for a city. How many panels would you need. And to clear the snow off all those panels to get the infinitesimally small amount of sun when it is cloudy and cold. You arent going to power squat. Especialy with the length of time needed to clean it all off.

Deductive reasoning my friend, think further than the end of your nose.

You are limiting your options in a way they don't need to be limited.

I live in a fairly cloudy place, and despite what you think, my panels generate power all year round. Yes, less total power in the winter.

It is easily possible to calculate and determine how much surface area and how much storage is needed to get through the winter. The math is actually quite simple.

So there is an oversuppy in the summer - but there is a similar problem with all forms of power generation. It isn't a steady load or generation capacity.

In addition, I don't generate power for people that live ten miles away from me, so IR drop is not an issue, running through all those miles of wire.

Comment Re: double blind testing (Score 1) 416

And what do you not get?

Every living being is sensitive to EM fields, some more some less. That a subject is not conscious able to realize when he/she is affected ("the field is on") has nothing to do with that.

Perhaps read a book about biology? There hundreds of animals that "actively" (consciously) can sense EM fields, plenty of them can even manipulate/emit their own fields.

Some of them can stun or even kill by producing an EM field.

That a human being is not "sensitive" to EM field is utter nonsense.

Do they get ill? No idea! Can they consciously feel them? Most certainly when the voltage is high enough. If you ever had been in a thunderstorm you felt it yourself. It is super easy to feel when a nearby structure/tree is building up a charge which might attract a lightning. All your hairs on your body will tell you. If you are not sensible for something so primitively tested, I don't want to know about your sex life ...

Comment Re:Mission accomplished (Score 1) 302

Generating the power is only half the issue; you have to DISTRIBUTE the power to where it's needed as well, otherwise it's useless. Remind me again how many of the world's population centers are near the Sahara and Gobi deserts?

Right, and Germany is sunnier than the USA.

We do not need the solar insolation of the Sahara desert to generate panel based electricity. Germany is doing pretty well in spite of the fact that whle Fox news knows they are sunnier than the USA, in truth, they are about as sunny as coastal Alaska - which is to say, they aren't sunny at all.

But your idea that electricl power is useless unless it is distributed, and you actually wrote just that - is simply wrong.

We live in a day and age, where people who dont live near a power line have to pay per pole and per wire to run power to their house.

Do they dig pits to store their food? Do they shiver in the dark , lit by candles?

No they don't because in today's world, unless you are right on the grid path, it is often cheaper to just run solar or wind turbine. The grid isn't all that any more.

Look, fusion generated power will be fscking awesome if it happens.

But I ain't no young pup, and when I was a child in grade, in science class, we were hearing about practical fusion generators being a mere 20 years away. And here it is, 50 years later, and fusion power is still 20 years away.

So a person is more likely to shiver in the dark while waiting for fusion than for solar panel power.

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