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Comment: Re:Trial run: Nuke that thing (Score 1) 55

by angel'o'sphere (#48913489) Attached to: "Once In a Lifetime" Asteroid Sighting Monday Night

The relative speed is the problem. The asteroid will pass with something like 30km/sec. That is ten to hundred times faster than reentry of a missile.

And a nuke that kills a bunker, wont really scratch a 'real' asteroid which easy is dozens of km in diameter.

The only technical feasible approach is to hit it so far out that a minimal deflection is enough to have it miles or more away from its original path when it reaches earth.

Comment: Re:what about liability? and maybe even criminal l (Score 1) 82

by angel'o'sphere (#48907985) Attached to: Germany Plans Highway Test Track For Self-Driving Cars

You are very far off from reality.
Most high cost brands/types of cars already have electronic systems to assist the driver. Like lane recognition, sign recognition and pedestrian recognition. As they are based on cameras and the last 30 seconds are stored liability is no problem.
If a pedestrian runs into your lane and the car does an automatic emergency break AND the car following you crashes into you because of that, the liability issues are clear.
First the pedestrian is liable, for forcing the emergency break and secondly the following cars driver is liable for being to close and not paying attention (he should have seen the pedestrian, too!)

Comment: Re:Just Require an IQ Test (Score 1) 653

by angel'o'sphere (#48907275) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

I was wondering if his doctor simply prescribed him antibiotics when he felt 'nocked down' and the later infection / pneumonia or what ever it was, is caused by disabling his immune system that way.

But thanx for the info about viruses, several people claimed that now, but I'm still uncertain which virus would cause a pneumonia.

Comment: Re:Early fragmentation (Score 2) 467

by angel'o'sphere (#48900325) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

Pascal, especially the versions running on the UCSD P-Systems, was once the largest install base of computer software.

Your analysis is wrong. No one really knows why C displaced Pascal, in fact I would say, it was not C but C++.

My judgement is that the high costs of Eiffel and Ada compilers/envirnomnets helped C++ to pave the way.

Around that time (1990 - 1995) we also had a rise of OO and CASE and modeling methods (OMT, Booch etc. and later UML). I assume the focus of modeling tools on SmallTalk and C++ and very soon Java (1997) made it even more troublesome for Pascal.

Back stage the Pascal companies where canibalizing themselves. The winner, the company buying or destroying the competition, simply did not last and got sold, bought out or whatever ... they simply vanished.

The same with C#, the language only exists because MS made a mistake in their EEE policy regarding Java. The arguable benefits of one language over the other where established an half or a full decade later. (None had generics or lambdas when developed ... etc.)

C never had a hughe standard library, it still has not till to our days. so this argument makes no sense at all. Even C++ still lacks standard threading and standard GUI libraries ... I guess one or the other is now addressed by boost and Qt ... but like Apache for Java, this are third parties.

Comment: Re:One important use left for Pascal (Score 4, Insightful) 467

by angel'o'sphere (#48900213) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Is Pascal Underrated?

Pascal wins over C hands down as soon as you are doing something that is 'business' and not bit shuffeling.

      MyStufd is RECORD ....
        MyData is file of MyStuff;
var infile, outfile : MyData;
            data : MyStuff;
      infile := openForReading("filename");
      outfile := openForWriting("anotherfile");
      { read and pick the result to write to outfile }
      read(data, infile);
      if 'data is good enough' then
              write(data, outfile);

BTW, not sure about keywords, I think 'is' is Ada and not Pascal, but you get the idea.

There are plenty of other examples, like packed arrays of records, sets, the clear hierarchy of consts, types and variables, var parameters to procedures etc. etc. The definition of units and the usage of them comes to mind. Yes, you can do all that in C, but you use ideoms and need much more knowledge what you are doing. In Pascal it is super simple to write a 'compilation unit' that is either a program or a (part of a ) library, in C it is not, you ned to know when and why to use extern, static etc.

If you believe C is in any way better than Pascal you can not program ... definitely not in Pascal and very likely not in C either.

Comment: Re:Pneumonia can be caused by a virus (Score 1) 653

by angel'o'sphere (#48884327) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

So? The main reason are bacteria ... the guy claims he has health like an Ox.
So it is extremely unlikely the flu shot caused the pneumonia as he claims. No matter what finally was the main reason in his cause.
The english wikipedia article is btw. simplifying and misleading, I suggest to google for pneumonia and get your own idea via medical papers/sites what the "science" behind it is.

Comment: Re:Just Require an IQ Test (Score 2) 653

by angel'o'sphere (#48883977) Attached to: Should Disney Require Its Employees To Be Vaccinated?

If your immune system "stormed" after a flu shot, then you are in bigger trouble than you believe.

Anyway, there is no scientific connection between flu shots and pneumonia.

Are you sure you behaved "healthy" after the flu shot or did you live on your "I'm strong as an Ox" card?

If you believe that a flu shot caused, increased or influenced in any way your pneumonia (and you might be right) then I heavily suggest you consult a hospital next time as soon as you feel to get a flu.

Sorry, 8 month illness or recovery after a pneumonia is insane. Without any medicals you recover after 2 weeks, max 3 weeks. If you had trouble 8 month then it likely was resistant to antibiotics which indicates you got it when you got the flu shot. Either by contaminated needles or any other circumstances at the place where you got the shot.

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