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Comment Re:I get my soft drink cravings (Score 1) 476

I know how the body works, at least regarding red blood cells, should have been obvious from my previous post.
So no: there is no noticeable carbon acid in my body, there migt be traces in the cells itself. As soon es it touches blood, the red blood cells pick it up, more prcisely: the dissolved CO2 is forcing the hamoglobin in the red blood cells to release the O2 in exchange for the CO2.
Actually you learn stuff like this in school
So no need to try to teach us with your half assed half wrong ideas how you think it works.

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 175

You have a pretty strange idea how electricity works and how that is relevant for your families safety ...
Considering that it is probably right you keep your fingers away from it.
Do also hire an expert to connect a computer to ethernet? After all "patched" and "unpatched" cables might cause concerns ....

Comment Re:will they "cost no more to" buy? (Score 0) 175

Sigh, bullshit.
If we talk about m^2 we mean perpendicular to the sun, not on the ground in front of your house.
The solar intensity perpendicular to the sun is completely unrelated to the seasons. Perhaps you want to count in the thickness of the atmosphere, then the lower sun in winter is perhaps 1% weaker than in summer.

Comment Re:136 lbs? (Score 1) 167

What nonsense!
Smaller, perhaps, less strain on neck and extended limbs.
Hiwever weight does not matter, the g-force is the same, and more muscles, while in asolute measurement give more strain on the limbs etc, help to breath, keep your neck and make you able to controll your plane. Moving the feet alone needs strong legs.

Backed up the system lately?