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Comment: Re:Flat UI Design (Score 1) 161

by angel'o'sphere (#47535617) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

I sold my PPC based MacBook Pro in 2007.
Costed in 2004 when I bought it EUR 4000 ...

Regarding buggy: I said OS X 10.3 and asked myself (in paras, oh was it 10.4?) ... learn to read perhaps?

Your point regarding 10.5 is pretty pointless as the only really good ones are 10.4 and 10.6 :D Obviously everyone also easily figures that the OS versions went via 10.1 and 10.3 etc. including 10.5 till 10.9 now and 10.10 soon. So your hint about 10.5 is more or less superflouvious.

Good luck with those Linux tablets. Enjoy you OS-that-never-gets-updated, laggy UI, and malware/spyware galore.
For what I do with a tablet an eInk display is nice. Also your claim "real" linux as on the Kobos would be full with spyware is just nonsense: #ps axu -- shows all processes, and a little bit investigations reveals what kind of distro it is. There is a big hacking community around Kobos and Nooks ... if there was spyware someone had realized it, especially as they usually only have internet access via wifi so you pretty easy can figure if they access the internet without reason.

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by angel'o'sphere (#47535487) Attached to: Mac OS X Yosemite Beta Opens

The icon does not look like a notebook, google for a iOS 4,5 or 6 icon and you see.

Sure ... they work better than the predecessors, how retarded is that? At OS X 10.4 the "mac" calendar was perfect since then the only thing that become a little bit better is webcal.

The iOS 7 one is ugly like hell and I see no difference to the iOS 6 one in functionality ... no idea what you consider "better".

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You completely miss the point that we stopped whaling ... only a few nations still kill a small amounts of whales.

Your points 1) and 2) are simply wrong.
There are no thousands of species "growing" "adapting" or what ever you want to call it on the scale of a few dozen years or a century.

Regarding 3) ... yes, but we have the brains to change our behaviour ...

Comment: Re:But what IS the point they're making? (Score 3, Interesting) 255

In historic times humans hunted e.g. for horses.
They drove them over cliffs with fire and shouting and hunting.
A band of perhaps 40 adults, 20 or 25 of them male/hunters drove 100ds of horses, a whole herd over a cliff ...
Because panicked horses follow the ones in front of them.
How many of those 100 horses did they eat? 1? 2? ... 4?

Europe is full with stone age slaughterhouses where Horses, Mamoth or what ever kind of huntable animal you want to name where killed in absurd numbers.

I saw a documentory about a certain place somewhere in modern Poland where humans met (many tribes, like a jambouree) over a period of roughly 40,000 years, likely each year in local 'summer'. There is a site where the layer of bones of hunted animals, eaten, not only killed somewhere, only those they actually butchered and ate, the layer is over ten meter thick.

The layer is over ten meter thick after 15,000 years of decomposting. And that is only the junk yard of the bones of the animals that actually got butchered and eaten.

Comment: Re:Not news (Score 1) 255

How should any species on this world be able to reproduce and grow fast enough to 'adapt' to the human onslaught?
A human needs roughly 14 years from birth to fertility.
We have something like 7 billion people on the planet.
Some whale populations are down to a thousand. They need 7 years or more, too, to reach fertility.
Even with the most crude and primitive boats and weapons it would be a matter of a few years to extinct EVERY species of whale on this world.
And you blame them for not multiplying fast enough! How retarded is that We even extinct (more or less) speciem like small pox and polio. In relation to us those multiply with light speed ...

Comment: Re:Barely missed? (Score 1) 198

A CME event is not a 'one second' thing but an hours or days long one.
We got hit 3 times in the previous 200 years, means roughly every 65 years ...
The problem is not the hit, but the effect to our way of living.
If your fridge goes off, your food starts rotting ... fresh food in the next best supermarket, too!
If you have no fresh water even using flour which is durable for centuries if airtight stored wont give you a bread or a pancake save or at least pleasant to eat.

Comment: Re:Low probability of getting hit by CME (Score 1) 198

CMEs are hitting the earth 'all the time'.
Luckily only 3 times the previous 200 years. No idea what you want to point out with your 'math'.
The problem is not how often they happen or how likely they are, the problem is the massive impact they would have on our modern infrastructure and society if it would happen right now.

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In the USA you had 'you loot, we shoot' signs everywhere regardless if displaced 'owners' in 'you neighbouhood' had any use for the looted stuff.
Most people would not die to the 'event' but to self proclaimed gun swinging warlords picking up the remaining pieces for them selves.
See the wide documented footage of New Orleans after Kathrina ...

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." -- William James