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Comment: Re:Speaking as an admin ... (Score 3, Informative) 95

by anexkahn (#35344600) Attached to: Intel Completes McAfee Acquisition
I deal with the DAT distribution problem by using a Windows DFS Share. I created a DFS Share which replicates to each office, then Mcafee dumps the DAT and other files onto the DFS Share. Windows then does the differencing using RDC (Remote Differential Compression). The workstations are setup to use a secondary repository which points to the DFS share.

Doing it this way means I don't have hundreds of computers pulling their DATs over the WAN and there is less to send over the WAN because of RDC.

I agree that Mcafee should do something about this, but I have found this to be the best method of DAT distribution at this time.

Comment: Re:Consumer Victory (Score 1) 158

by anexkahn (#35190388) Attached to: BlackBerry Devices May Run Android Apps
I have been known to throw my blackberry curve across the room when it wakes me up on Sunday morning. It still works as well as the day I got it. It also has 3x the battery life of my Motorola Milestone. (Yes I have two phones, Work and Personal).

There are not very many phones with the battery life, durability, and functionality of my blackberry.

Comment: Petition to Stop the use of Body Scanners (Score 1) 642

by anexkahn (#34144710) Attached to: TSA To Make Pat-Downs More Embarrassing To Encourage Scanner Use
For those who are fed up with these Body Scanners, please sign my petition to have them stopped. I will be sending this petition to our representatives in Congress. Please spread the link around. The more signatures we get, the more effective the petition is. Post it on your facebook, website, email your firends.

Comment: Sign Petition to Stop the use of Full Body Scanner (Score 1) 559

by anexkahn (#34144696) Attached to: EPIC Files Lawsuit To Suspend Airport Body Scanner Use
I am circulating a petition which I plan to mail to our various representatives in congress regarding this issue. If you feel the government should stop the use of these infernal contraptions, please sign my petition. Please help spread the link around to whoever you can. Post it on your facebook; website, email your friends.

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