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Comment: Plenty of entertaining and not practical solutions (Score 2) 983

by anewsome (#46465829) Attached to: How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

I really did get a kick out of some of these responses. I sell data protection products for a living and 20TB is what I would consider an average small/medium customer. Every business these days has tens of terabytes of data. Of course they all need to backup their data, so there is nothing novel here. We have plenty of customers backing up hundreds of petabytes of data. Every dataset just needs a plan for backup, pretty simple.

The way I see it, this guy has a few options. One option is to just get more disk and make redundant a redundant copy. This would have have saved him in this case of the mistakenly erased raid, depending on how smart his sync script is. But a redundant copy is not a valid genuine backup plan. So many types of failures will show the holes of the dumb redundant copy.

The other option for a home user who's not looking to spend a bunch of money, is LTO6. They hold a sufficiently large amount of data, so only a handful of tapes will be needed. LTO6 drives are cheap enough, they won't break the bank. Since the data is on tape, you can shuttle the tapes to an off site location. Seems pretty simple.


+ - HD DVD fights back with new features->

Submitted by
Bomarc writes "KOMO has an article by the AP about HD DVD; more about the wars and how HD DVD is fiting back. One key part of the article is: The HD DVD version of "300" will allow users to re-edit the movie, selecting and ordering the scenes as they see fit, and upload their edit to a server hosted by the studio, Warner Bros. The edit will be accessible to other users, who can download it to their players and see the movie in its new form.

Ability do download it to others??? What is the world coming to will? The MPAA allow this?"

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+ - GPLv3: A legal view->

Submitted by
AlexGr writes "This news item links to a legal opinion by Mark Radcliffe, General Counsel for the Open Source Initiative. He outlines the major differences between GPLv2 and GPLv3 and concludes that the final version of GPLv3 is a significant improvement over GPLv2 and deserves to have broad acceptance. .html"
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+ - VMware cries foul over Microsoft virtualisation

Submitted by daria42
daria42 (866794) writes "The battle to control the virtualisation market has heated up with the launch of a white paper from VMware, which accuses Microsoft of anti-competitive practices. In language reminiscent of Microsoft's anti-trust battles in the US and its ongoing struggle with the European Union, VMware claimed that the software giant is "forcing [its] specifications and APIs on the industry", and "trying to restrict customers' flexibility and freedom to choose virtualisation software"."

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