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Comment: Some suggestions a bit extreme? (Score 1) 542

by andymurph (#10154195) Attached to: Last Words On Service Pack 2
The article reporter wrote a good security book that I reviewed on /. here, so I know that he preaches shutting off services you're not using proactively, because if there's an exploit that comes out, you won't be affected by it. But this is too much: he says MS should disable DHCP and DNS clients. If you need them, you can turn them on. But I think a lot of Windows users won't know how to do that, and will get frustrated with that level of lockdown. Also he says javascript should be off, but it makes it hard to surf the Web. In his book he says it's safer to use Thunderbird or Mozilla with javascript, which makes more sense. He should have mentioned that in the article. Anyway, it's a good article; SP-2 is obviously more security talk than reality and it's about time someone looked at it carefully. I just think he overdid the paranoia level a little bit.

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