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Comment: Re: There may well be life on Europa (Score 2) 216

by andy_spoo (#46417557) Attached to: NASA Wants To Go To Europa
the fact that water if regularly venting to the surface means that there are likely very thin areas of ice that can be utilised. Even on our planet life exists in very, VERY hot water that until recently we thought that life had no chance there. NASA had spent billions of dollars sending landers to Mars, a dusty boring planet. Once ok. Over and over.... a compete wase of money. Europa = a good chance we could actually find real living life. Way move exciting than Mars could ever be.

Comment: He wouldn't be now. (Score 1) 431

by andy_spoo (#46417507) Attached to: Jewish School Removes Evolution Questions From Exams
He was then, because of the way he was brought up and the time he was living in. I bet he wouldn't be now. These days, science and religion are mutually exclusive. Unless you want to be labelled a 'crack pot'. People didn't know any better then. They do now. Religion has had it's day..... time to grow up and move on.

Comment: Re: There is likely to be an exodus of Youtube. (Score 1) 71

by andy_spoo (#45678357) Attached to: YouTube Expands Live Streaming To All Channels
Very unlikely. YouTube is integrated in to most modern media products e.g. TV's, bluray players, consoles etc. On these, these is pretty much no alternative. And for most end users, it works well. And any alternative that exists, is likely to be sued out of existence by copywrite holders for using game content without permission etc. Google are just covering there arse. It's a business, with a product you've been happily using for free for years. If it were owned by Apple, trust me, it'd be way more limited and protective. You'd probably have to wait for months for your videos to be 'approved', before being listed.

Comment: Re: Once upon a time (Score 1) 710

by andy_spoo (#45524095) Attached to: Getting Evolution In Science Textbooks For Texas Schools
Wow, I just can't understand how people still believe in a god (any god). It's the 21st century! Here in the UK, they expect the church of England (christian) to be dead within a single generation. We grew up. The US still seems to be backward thinking in so many ways. No explanation of other planets, solar system. I can't wait till they find life on another planet. Let's see you text books explain that. #growup

Comment: Re: pricing (Score 1) 377

by andy_spoo (#45099417) Attached to: Largest US Power Storing Solar Array Goes Live
nuclear is way, W A Y more expensive, especially if you take in to account of the billions it takes to decommission the thing when it comes to the end of its life. Let alone build the thing. And costs of storing spent fuel underground, shipping it, national security protection, etc. Funny how people who love nuclear, never include any of these costs.

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