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Comment Re:My problem with offsite/cloud storage. (Score 2) 180

3) The ability of government agencies to scan my data for whatever they feel like arbitrarily and possibly without due process.

How does an in-house data center protect you from that? If they're not following due process for a hosting provider, what makes you think they'll do the same for your in-house data center. People need to calm the fuck down and stop acting like they live in north korea/china.

Comment IE - It's not for savvy users anymore (Score 5, Interesting) 591

"Microsoft still has three out of ten people running an old version of its browser more than 18 months after Internet Explorer 7 launched..."

Look, my father-in-law knows NOTHING about computing, but a LOT about using the Internet. We bought him a computer several years ago. His browser?

IE5, of course. Why? Because that's what was installed on the machine when we bought it.

The majority of people who THINK about what browser they use, use something other than IE. Firefox 3 is obviously a great leap forward for the Mozilla brand, and...well, there you go.

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