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Submission + - Lavabit shutdown by FBI harassment

andsand writes: From article on the shutdown of Lavabit :One day last May, Ladar Levison returned home to find an F.B.I. agent’s business card on his Dallas doorstep. So began a four-month tangle with law enforcement officials that would end with Mr. Levison’s shutting the business he had spent a decade building and becoming an unlikely hero of privacy advocates in their escalating battle with the government over Internet security.

Comment Calculation to get the fuel? (Score 1) 419

To get the fermentation done you need to start with sugars. Cellulose and hemi-cellulose are long polymeric sugar (ex: glucose and xylose). If you have a technology that could use the entire plant and to make sugars then you would make a difference. At 20ton/ha and year producing biomass you could make 10+ton sugars/year and after fermentation you would have 7ton of "fuel". That is 7 ton fuel per hectare and year. So if Nebraska:s 20.000.000 hectares would be used (just as an easy calculation example - not the real thing ok?) you would get 140.000.000tons of fuel per year. No more corn but fuel only. That would cover a fair pice of what is needed.

What is missing here? Making sugars from cellulose/hemi-cellulose! That technology at the right sugar price is being done by several companies. My favorite is REAC Fuel....but there are others that can do the trick.

Comment the right way (Score 1) 128

Going back brom big data to small shared data is the way to go. There are many ways that this could be done. The discussion of distributed trust could be an long (and good) and be taken from any Bruce Schniders latest books. If you read them then you have a good start on how the problem can be solved. TIP: Technology is not always the answer.

Comment When will AI be big? (Score 1) 612

Dear Steve,

Do you have a feeling for when the AI or RI (restricted intelligence - not self aware) will start to become mainstream? Is it coder knowledge, CPU power or social restrictions that are going to hold this development back?

Comment Not only IT (Score 1) 1

This [matrix of needs and knowledge] applies to almost any area where technical expertise and complex deliveries are delivered to customers. I'm doing work within BioChem and it is a good way of moving forward to get a top preforming team to meet deliverables and deadlines.


Submission + - Construct your dream IT team ( 1

davidmwilliams writes: "As an IT leader, like any manager, you are only as good as your employees. Whether you have inherited a team, are in the middle of hiring or are trying to justify creating a new role there is a simple but effective management tool that will show you and your CEO how to determine the skills you need."

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