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Comment: Lol, really? (Score 1) 133

by andreyvul (#35387734) Attached to: Budget Triple-Screen Gaming

Compaq? Really? It'd be cheaper to just get a simple case, a half-decent MB with OC abilities, etc. and build it yourself. Seriously, add a front case fan to a microtower and the 240 will pull 3.5 GHz (tested with mprime for 48h) without problems.
Of course, I scale the OC back to 3.35 when it's in server mode.

Also, gaming and cheap are contradictory. Unless your definition of gaming involves modded controllers and flashed Xbox 360s.
Guess which one has more FPS/$ ?

Comment: Ugh... (Score 5, Insightful) 160

by andreyvul (#35206694) Attached to: CRIA Files Massive Canadian Suit Against IsoHunt

This shit again?

Seriously, if downloading was hurting the labels as much as their FUD machine states, then I'd find a way to pay for a T3 line and use it solely for seedboxing purposes.

Because I will get a huge smile on my face once this scourge goes broke, fucks off, and dies, preferably in burning cyanide.

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