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Hardware Hacking

+ - New Virgin America planes a hackers paradise

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Virgin America's new in-flight entertainment system "Red," is actually a gigantic sociological experiment in airborne distributed computing. The plane is full of networked, Linux-based computers each of the seat backs of the A319 and A320 jets. Each of the 149 seats will come with a 9-inch touch-sensitive display, a keyboard that can be removed from the armrest, a 110-volt outlet, an Ethernet jack, and a U.S.B. port. Made for watching movies, listening to MP3's and even order food but for a geek returning from a Black Hat conference it is wonderland. Virgin official are aware of the security threat, and say that they have a code of conduct and that they will just have to see what happens. Maybe they will have a flight Cyber Marshall."

+ - Sub. Teacher Vs. Porn Follow-up

Submitted by Maximum Prophet
Maximum Prophet (716608) writes "This is right out of a Kafka novel. The teacher went running for help. "There's no problem". "Don't turn off the machine". "We're going to put you in jail because of the problem..."
One jurer wanted her to throw a coat or something over the machine. Let's see, he would rather she endanger the entire school buy starting a fire (yes, old fashion CRTs are fire hazards) rather than let some kids see some naked people. Won't someone think of the kids?"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - TopGear turns 3 wheeled car into a space shuttle

Submitted by
ahaveland writes "I found this to be one of the most Nerd-entertaining things I've ever seen, and thought that it deserves a wider audience. Of course, launching a real space shuttle takes huge resources as lives are at stake, but this mock-up of a space shuttle using an old car as the orbiter strapped to a booster rockets with over 8 tons of thrust really shows what one can do with a modest budget in the name of a bit of silliness, while also becoming the biggest non-commercial rocket launch in European history. The presenters of the program really know how to have fun, and entertain their audience!
Video clips may be found on, search for "topgear shuttle". Whole program is about 20 minutes in duration.
Production notes are on the TopGear website, /shuttle.shtml"

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