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Journal Journal: MS invented time travel? 1

The Conficker worm may be an old story, but maybe it's still worth a look. According to the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/08/27/technology/27compute.html?_r=1&hp), Conficker is still defying the efforts to eradicate it. John Markoff's article contains a few links, and I just followed them.
The interesting thing here is Redmond, where the infected systems' OS comes from.

From http://www.microsoft.com/security/worms/conficker.aspx: "Is my computer infected with the Conficker worm? Probably not. Microsoft released a security update in October 2008 (MS08-067) to protect against Conficker." [snip] "To date, security researchers have discovered the following variants of the worm in the wild. * Win32/Conficker.A was reported to Microsoft on November 21, 2008."

Curiously, the NYT states that the first infections were dated November 20.

So they release an anti-Conficker security update before ever knowing of its existence. No, wait: one month before the very first appearance of the worm in the wild.

Have they invented time travel and didn't tell us? (And, will it be included in Windows 7 as a feature? That's one thing I would pay for.)

By the way, the NYT article says as many as 5 million computers are infected now, in more than 200 countries. MS's concept of "probably not" seems a bit vague to me.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?