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Comment NYPD is probably the worse & arrogant police d (Score 1) 292

in the USA. It amazes me that they think they can operate as if they are the CIA/NSA/FBI/DIA/DEA/Marshal all combined into one. Yet, they have not discovered one major terrorist plot...ever... The poor tax payers are getting reamed paying for all this wanna-be Feds who, really, need to be working in a supermarket, bagging groceries. NYPD=losers.

Comment Remember! AMERICA owns the UK. (Score -1, Troll) 743

All the judges in the UK really have no power over Apple. Not only Apple is an American company, but *THE* largest company in the world. The British judges are sort of like kindergarten teachers telling a 4-star general to do something. The general is just going to smile and play games at will with these British nannies, oops, I mean British judges. In all honesty, British judges are wasting everyones time trying to get Apple to do something. Except for the Apple American Lawyers who are having a field day with these judgee-wajjee hacks.

Comment I DON'T GET IT. (Score 1) 270

Help me out people. SO this new job I have, I get to lock/bitch slap people who don't respect my "authorita" and even if I screw up (on purpose), SOMEBODY ELSE pays my legal bills and any judgements against me??? Sweet!!! What a deal!!! Sign me up. Even the mafia couldn't do this... AWESOME!!!

Comment Re:I just wish... (Score 4, Interesting) 270

Now if they made the officer pay at least half of $170,000, and then take the rest from the entire police officer's pension plan instead of the tax payer, then you'll see these type of evil, cowardly arrests stop overnight. Nothing like sharing the pain to stop this...

Comment Been there, done that. Move along, nothing new... (Score 1) 185

They are simply moving CO molecules around a metal surface. IBM did this back in 1990 and spelled the words IBM by doing this. Fast forward 22 years later, I'm still waiting for NAND gates composed of a few atoms and Star Trek like Replicators. There should be a law that researchers are forbidden to use "right around the corner" or "in a few years" for a "fantastic Sci-Fi device X". Its getting monotonous.

Comment Re:It already is (Score 1) 607

>They already did vote. Their vote said "I'm special, the our rules don't apply to me because I'm strong or smart enough to game the system." >Well, guess they were overruled on that one. Then we should also outlaw anyone who works on Wallstreet from voting too... They make the people in prison look like nuns...

Comment Re:It's already been ruled on. (Score 1, Insightful) 106

So what?! The constitution is utterly, and completely meaningless nowadays. The point is the police will continue to break the law as there are zero repercussions against them. Heck, they may even get a vacation (paid leave) if found "guilty". Seriously, who WON'T break the law to get free paid vacations all the time? Its human nature. What needs to be done is to throw these "cops" into jail for a very long time, and I'm not talking about champagne cop jail, but the real deal along with the rest of prison population.

Comment Petition for the Kelly Law (Score 2) 662

If you are sick and tired and seeing police officers beat people up and have them and the watch that WATCH it and do nothing get away, then please petition the federal government for a Federal Law: It is a start of the beginning of a whole lot of pain for officers who think they are in the sopranos while on the tax payers dime.

Comment Re:This guy is just blowing smoke. (Score 1) 662

The officers who stood by and watched should be arrested and face felony charges. This new petitioned law will do that. Please support the new Kelly Law: by signing the above petition. Come on, its the least thing you or I can do....

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