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Comment: Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 584

by anchor_tag (#48521771) Attached to: Programmer Father Asks: What Gets Little Girls Interested In Science?
How about cultural differences as well? I see a lot more Asian and Indian women (of native orient) in technical / science roles than American. I'd imagine it has something to do with cultural differences and how they perceive fields or "girl things" and "guy things". Different cultures are different, and different genders are different.

Comment: Re:Sad, sad times... (Score 1) 333

How much of this is due to age as well? Methinks privileged college kids (compared to adults in society) may be a poor selection for a test like this. I have a memory of my childhood where my grandmother would take me to a park to play. I recall being astonished that she'd be content to just sit there and watch me or read a book and not get "bored". I feel over time my ability to be patient and focus more has grown with age. During my college years I didn't always want to sit around. -

Comment: Re:That's not who we are at Mozilla (Score 2) 195

by anchor_tag (#46968007) Attached to: Mozilla Ditches Firefox's New-Tab Monetization Plans
Thanks for recommending this! I Just installed it and it appears to be modern browsing (tabs, css3, html5) with the look and feel of an older browser. I was getting fed up with the incremental death of the toolbar, browser bar etc.. I definitely recommend others giving this a try for an alternative with a retro look.

+ - Ask Slashdot: Secure cloud solutions for friends and family?

Submitted by anchor_tag
anchor_tag writes: I'm sure there are plenty of disparate solutions out there, but has anyone compiled a list, or attempted to create a personal "cloud system" for sharing and communicating with friends and family? In light of the recent NSA and other government spying of multiple social networks, it would be interesting to find a self-hosted solution for common tasks such as note sharing, email, documents and more.

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