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Comment Re:Who's *FORCING* you to work for those sites? (Score 1) 426

I went to an interview for a position in a well known audit firm (IT department). I was rejected on the basis of my personality test. I later learned from a friend working in the IT department that the position was filled by a relative of one of the managers in another department.

Comment Re:No shit (Score 1) 447

I believe that all government-given rights are actually an illusion. I can't think of a single right that does not have exceptions. Take freedom of speech for example. You might speak your mind but the press can portray (all hail our corporate/government overlords) you as a lunatic so it becomes irrelevant what you are saying. Right to a fair trial? Ask your Japanese-born citizens during WW2 or potential terrorist citizens in more recent times. If basic rights can be repealed I think it's pointless to speak about rights at all.

Comment Re:How things work in Italy (Score 1) 137

That's baby corruption. The real pros make their competitors do the work through cut-throat sub-contracting and they get a commission. Either that or It's possible to be the cheapest yet you complete the project by sub-contracting all of it to the same people you were competing against in the first place.

Comment Re:evolution (Score 1) 232

How can you know which traits are those? What prevents pure "survival of the fittest" is that there is a lot of artificial selection going on. Factors like the income of your parents, culture you are raised in, basically anything that you cannot control makes the whole argument insignificant. Even traits which are really useful, depending on your location they may be considered flaws.

Comment Re:you got your backwards backwards (Score 2) 946

Many people (including myself) purchase hardware based on linux support. If there are no decent nvidia drivers those people can always go with amd. Also a lot of systems (STBs, low power pcs etc) come with linux or android pre-installed so nvidia needs linux support to convince the OEMs to go with them. I think nvidia has more to lose than linux users if they dropped support for newer kernels or offer a sub-optimal experience..

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 244

Tracking is usually cookie-based (ie uses information in the HTTP headers) so an HTTP header is the only logical place to specify that you do not want to be tracked. Web server logs are not suitable for tracking. At most they can tell you where the user came from (referrer) an ip and what he requested. Using only that information is very unlikely that any advertiser will be able to track you since the ip might be a company router, an ISP web proxy, an anoymous proxy etc etc. Even if tracking information is batch updated from huge web server logs that contain http headers the advertiser can check for the header and not save the information. Technologically the idea is solid.

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