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Comment: Come on release the phone already (Score 3, Interesting) 33

by anared (#41539191) Attached to: Jolla Founds Alliance Based On MeeGo Distribution "Sailfish"
Waiting anxiously for the phone, release it already, dammit. Only interesting thing in the smartphone market right now, excellent OS and framework developed by giants, now adopted by a small and enthusiastic company with a lot of knowledge straight from the top. This could really be the beginning of something big.

Comment: Re:Digia ? (Score 3, Interesting) 152

by anared (#40932255) Attached to: Digia To Acquire Qt From Nokia
Jolla is using it and co-operating with the people at QT Project, you should also remember QT is widely used commercially, its not just end-user products such as PC and mobile devices. Support for Android, iOS, Jolla OS/Mer/MeeGo/RIM etc and Symbian, this could be the way to make multi-platform apps for mobile devices.

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