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Comment: Re:Cheap, good. It's called progress... (Score 1) 754

by anamin (#34465414) Attached to: Rear-View Cameras On Cars Could Become Mandatory In the US

Really so the parts for seat belts are free, add no additional cost? And I'd need a citation on the basically software for the stability control. As far as I know it requires a special set of suspension parts with pumps/sensors for it to work correctly, which I'm not sure how you'd get a non-issue out of that.

Your argument that given long enough it's essentially free is not a good one, as everything still has a cost which is passed on to the consumer. Try again.

Comment: Re:Simple answer (Score 1) 321

by anamin (#32643940) Attached to: Made-For-Torrents Sci-Fi Drama "Pioneer One" Debuts

I've never been to Movie Tavern, but I've heard about it. If you like the more independent places you should check out Studio 35 over in Clintonville. I've generally had nothing but good experiences there. Small one screen theater, very friendly staff, and they have a full liquor license now. You can even have the pizza place next door deliver.


+ - Steve Jobs' WWDC Wi-Fi meltdown-> 1

Submitted by GMGruman
GMGruman writes: Who'd a thunk it? Several thousand developers and reporters in one room, with more than 1,100 trying to tweet, blog, and file stories over Wi-Fi. So many in fact that Apple CEO Steve Jobs couldn't do his demo of the new iPhone 4, because he couldn't open the Web pages he wanted to show. InfoWorld's Galen Gruman was there (reporting over 3G, NOT Wi-FI!) and tells the tale.
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