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+ - Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 Release Notes Rewritten in->

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anakin357 writes "Ubuntu has made tremendous progress towards making life in Linux easier has it's own share of problems. One of those problems is highlighted in their release notes.

Ubuntu claims to be a "Linux for Human Beings," and for the most part they actually do a good job of it. One place they fail miserably is in their release notes — they're just too damn complicated for anyone who doesn't know what all the different component names stand for.

This user has set out to accomplish the simple task of converting the techno-jargon into readable english that anyone can understand, by using simple language and avoiding program names, acronyms and version numbers."

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+ - Interview with Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO of OpenMoko->

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anakin357 (69114) writes "Sean Moss-Pultz was kind enough to answer a few questions at fsckin w/ linux. He's got some pretty interesting answers to questions plaguing geeks and non-geeks alike, such as the eternal debate on which is better — Ninjas or Pirates? Keep reading for some candid responses from the CEO of the company behind the Dash Express GPS device and the in-development OpenMoko phone."
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