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Comment Re:Good Riddance! (Score 1) 800

A fictional business entity should not have any political rights at all.

So you're contending the NY Times isn't entitled to any free speech rights when it publishes newspapers and the ACLU can be told by the government which causes they are allowed support?

Because those are corporations...

What you seem to be missing is that corporations are a method/tool people use to exercise their rights. Publishing a movie about a political candidate (as in the case in question, Citizens United) is exactly the type of political speech the constitution was intended to protect.

Comment Re:Gun control to the rescue (Score 1) 182

While those things are sort of true, there's a difference between doing something because it's a good idea and because it's the law. You don't hear of someone raiding a meth lab and arresting five people for unregistered possession of scientific equipment, possession of scientific equipment by a felon (never mind constructive possession), and failure to secure the equipment in an equipment safe. If it's not a law, there's no danger of someone opposed to science using the nonexistent law as a way to make the practice of science as difficult as possible.

Comment Re: File a Complaint (Score 1) 157

You'll have to leave a message to talk to me. It's the only way to get me if you aren't in my whitelist or have your number hidden. I did accidentally answer a telemarketer a while back and I was beyond rude to him. I was so hostile I actually felt bad about it for a few minutes. I soon recovered though.

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