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Comment: Re:Jerri (Score 1) 516

so show me

you've spent a nice amount of time alluding to a false equivalency, but you still haven't described these mythological vast democratic crimes that equate to the republican ones

the republican crimes of tanking the economy with the wonders of deregulation, and wasting trillions of dollars and thousands of lives on a completely pointless iraq war that made things worse

i've just described republican crimes

now it's your turn

but i won't hear a single one of equivalent nature by democrats

because they don't exist

not saying democrats haven't fucked up. not saying the democrats are wonderful. they just haven't fucked up as badly as republicans, nor are they as corrupt and sleazy, by a long shot

now we will simply hear more of your allusions to

that you can't actually substantiate

i am not guilty of being biased to one side. i am guilty of noting the actual proportionality of the crimes of both sides, and *objectively* seeing the truth that the republican side is much greater

Comment: Re:The thing about witch hunts... (Score 1) 222

what exactly is your moronic argument?

because people can be framed the pursuit of justice can't proceed?

people have always attempted to pervert justice. that's not an argument against justice itself, it's just another thing that justice needs to be gotten for

Comment: Re:Pandora's Box (Score 1) 222

you can't get what you ask for

low grade twitter harassment is not going to be dealt with by the police

not all justice rises to the level of police and court involvement. it's not "vigilantism" if the stakes and consequences are low

you have standards which are unrealistic and will never be met, therefore you should read my words again and understand what schilling did is 100% appropriate and responsible

Comment: Re:Pandora's Box (Score 0, Troll) 222

Just because this case is pretty black and white doesn't mean they all will be. The next time, some jackass will create social networking profiles with breadcrumbs leading back to their real target, and with minimal effort will get a Curt Schilling to do the dirty work, and bear the legal liability, for them.

did you hear that folks?

because someone might get framed for murder, we can't go after real murderers

because someone might get falsely accused of rape, no rapist can ever be punished

because someone might get lynched by a hysterical mob, all acts of actual justice are invalid


Comment: Re:The thing about witch hunts... (Score 2) 222

we're talking about targeted low grade comeuppance for bad behavior, directed at the actual douchebags who committed the bad behavior

we're not talking about targeting waves of completely innocent teenage girls for hysterical spasms of imagined delusional fantastic crimes, and then murdering them brutally

so no, sorry, your analogy sucks and you don't know what you're talking about

Comment: Re:Don't poke the internet (Score 2) 222

trolls are common pathetic cowards. they're middle school bullies in adult bodies if they aren't in fact actual middle school bullies. any effective defense against their lame efforts immediately chases them away like shining a light on a bunch of cockroaches

you're talking about another kind of douchebag: the stalker

but what gets the kind of person who becomes a celebrity stalker excited isn't avenging trolls

if curt schilling or his daughter attract an actual griefing stalker, it won't be because of this episode

and even then, the proper defense is the response he's already engaged in: a good offense. shut the shitbag down, hard, immediately. schilling sounds like he has his act together. his daughter will be protected and taken care of from the slime out there

Comment: Who do I trust to 'not be evil'? (Score 3, Interesting) 94

Nobody, especially the regulators. The question that I'm more concerned about is which services are voluntary, and which ones are compulsory. I use Google's search engine and Facebook, but I don't have to. There are a ton of alternatives to each for internet search and social media. The fact that they happen to be the largest/most popular should not make them subject to special rules.

Comment: Re:As the majority pointed out (Score 3, Informative) 127

by vux984 (#49173333) Attached to: Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

Anything you leave behind at a crime scene is fair game.

What about stuff you leave behind NOT at a crime scene?

So they got some DNA at a crime scene, but don't know whose it is. They think it might be you, but the judge denies them a warrant based on lack of evidence... so they follow you around until they see you throw away a cup, or a piece of gum, or sneeze and toss the tissue away in a public place. Then they amble up and help themselves.

The couldn't get a warrant for your DNA, but because its impossible to live a normal and free life without shedding DNA they just had to wait a while until you left some behind.

Whether or not that is "ok" is something that deserves national discussion.

Comment: Re:I hesitate to comment (Score 1) 191

by XxtraLarGe (#49172803) Attached to: What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

So, I have two options. I can shut up and never talk to anybody about topics relevant to my profession, or I can through trial and error attempt to find a way to deal with uninformed Internet police mucking up topics they don't know anything about using only the most kindergarten of rule sets to distinguish shitposts from honest criticism.

Like you, there are things I like about Microsoft, and things I don't. I post criticism about Microsoft quite often and don't seem to run into the same problems as you. Perhaps they just don't take me seriously enough, considering I have very little (read: no) influence on other posters opinions on here. :shrugs:

Comment: Re:I hesitate to comment (Score 1) 191

by XxtraLarGe (#49172159) Attached to: What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

Any time I ever common on anything having to do with Microsoft, I get pummeled by a PR firm. But this is a *positive* post, no criticism, so maybe the minimum wage public opinion manipulators will leave me along this time.

FYI, they get paid *$8.00* per hour. With the amount of disdain you show for them, it's no wonder they hound you so much!

The next person to mention spaghetti stacks to me is going to have his head knocked off. -- Bill Conrad