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The Media

+ - "Free" as in Cable?->

Submitted by amplt1337
amplt1337 (707922) writes "Debates about the profitability of "free" continue to rage, but at least one major media conglomerate — Viacom — is pushing forward with releasing paid-for content for free on the Internet, as reported in this NYT blog post. Of course, the prospect of free and easy full-length Daily Show episodes has caused some tension with cable providers, who pay a hefty premium for a heretofore-exclusive right to distribute the conglom's content (there are obvious parallels with the conflict between labels and musicians).

What strikes me as really interesting is that even an old, entrenched company like Viacom has enough vision to see the opportunity for increased profits through free distribution — provided they can control that distribution (see their YouTube lawsuit) and have discretion over just how free they go. And of course that there's an MSM outlet out there who gets this whole issue and is making it front-page (if blog) news. Of course, the NYT itself has had its own experience with expanding access to previously fee-based content..."

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+ - Rick Astley, Democracy Rejected by Mets 2

Submitted by
amplt1337 writes "As per a number of sources, the New York Mets are looking for a new theme song for fans to sing along. As is only right, a good many Internet folk (many of them no doubt Mets fans) suggested the work of another underdog-becoming-popular, Rick Astley. Even though the song actually won, Mets management is committed to the virtues of corporate pop — and mainstream coverage is describing the whole Astley phenomenon as a "scam" run by "pranksters," since surely no one (and no real Mets fan) could actually like the song, natch. Speculations on the (de)merits of electronic voting and relevance of Boss Tweed quotes welcome."

"There is such a fine line between genius and stupidity." - David St. Hubbins, "Spinal Tap"