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Comment: Possibly fake (Score 1) 161

by amorsen (#48199177) Attached to: Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk

There has been a lot of dubious research in this area. Studies where only a small minority of the subjects of the experimental procedure had their results published, and a lot of work with patients where the spinal cord was not actually completely severed. At least some of the results are likely to come simply from insufficient retraining prior to the experimental procedures.

Hopefully this one is actually true. We could really do with some good news in this area.

Comment: Re:I'd rather have longer range (Score 1) 92

by amorsen (#48138451) Attached to: Samsung's Wi-Fi Upgrades Promise Speeds Up to 4.6Gbps

You do not want obstacle penetration, unless you have that 10-story building with less than 10 wifi users. Obstacle penetration is just a nice word for interference these days. 2.5GHz is TOO good at obstacle penetration; in many places you can reach dozens of access points at 2.5GHz and the result is that none of them get decent performance.

Comment: Re:decompression: 800 Mbps (Score 1) 122

by amorsen (#48058313) Attached to: Internet Explorer Implements HTTP/2 Support

This would make sense if HTTP requests were typically bandwidth-limited. Almost none of them are, most are way too short and never actually get TCP going at line-rate. HTTP is most often latency-bound, not bandwidth-bound, and the compression is meant to help with latency (reducing number of request packets), not bandwidth.

Comment: Re:Header Compression + Binary Headers (Score 1) 122

by amorsen (#48058289) Attached to: Internet Explorer Implements HTTP/2 Support

It is actually surprisingly complicated.

It turns out that a typical HTTP/1.1 request requires multiple TCP packets to get all the headers across. With TCP slow start, this takes a long time because only one packet gets transmitted per round trip in the beginning. Obviously this gets even worse if you try to browse to a different continent, with 100ms+ latency.

HTTP/2 manages to fit most requests into one packet, assuming a reasonable MTU. To do this requires both a binary protocol encoding and header compression. Without those, you need two packets which is half as fast.

Of course you could argue that this is all because TCP is a stupid ancient protocol which no one sane should be using in 2014.

Comment: Re:Profitable, if self-contradictory (Score 1) 549

by amorsen (#48041799) Attached to: Elon Musk: We Must Put a Million People On Mars To Safeguard Humanity

It is difficult to imagine a destroyed Earth that is less hospitable than Mars. Not impossible, but difficult. In almost all cases it is easier to terraform Earth than Mars.

It would even be easier to build deep underwater communities on Earth.They are unlikely to be destroyed by climate change or ecosystem collapse, and resources are vastly easier to get there.

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