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Comment What's amazing... (Score 5, Informative) 256

... is the fact, that the guy behind this project is Harold Abelson, author of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs! He described LISP "picture language" in the book as a useful learning concept. He also "...directed the first implementation of LOGO for the Apple II" which seems interesting in this case.

Comment Re:High performance in scripting languages? (Score 1) 295

Check your facts better next time please.

PHP does not have to execute scripts from scratch on every request. APC cache API transparently caches JIT-compiled PHP script intepretations and these are run instead upon request.

True, but "compiled" in this context means opcode, not machine code as in Java/C# JIT.

Comment Re:The temp rise in question (Score 1) 478

Pretty wild to think that a rise up to 8 kelvin is a "serious overtemp event".

(And fancy CERN having all their engineering data online like that, open to everyone..... anyone'd think they invented the internet or something.)

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Interesting to know what the web inventors are using.

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