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Comment: Re:Author James P. Hogan used this theory (Score 0) 102

by amillard64 (#37228482) Attached to: Emergent Gravity Disproved
Actually his novel The Genesis Machine dealt with this idea in much more detail. In that story the effect was used to create an artificial black hole through which energy could be poured and focused anywhere within the range of the detector's capability. It was used as an ultimate weapon and the two scientists who were the only ones who really understood it used it to eliminate all offensive weapons on the planet and stop all war.

Comment: HP ads are the best response to Apple (Score 0) 837

by amillard64 (#25074801) Attached to: Microsoft Uses "I'm a PC" Character In New Ads
HP has been running ads for a couple of years now that are the best counter to Apples ads yet. The ads show all the creative ways well known people are using their (HP/Windows) computers. They are eyecatching, inventive, stylish and cool. I've always found the Apple ads to be fairly lame, though I can't deny the fact that they seem to have worked fairly well for Apple. I always thought Apple should have been the one with ads like HP's. I guess this is why I don't work in advertising.

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