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Comment: I still don't get it...... (Score 0, Flamebait) 296

by ami-in-hamburg (#15109032) Attached to: KOffice 1.5 Released
I love KDE on my OpenSuse box, but.......

KOffice is nice, yes, but it's only KDE (or Mac OS).

OpenOffice is nice, yes, it's multiplatform.

OpenFormats are nice, yes, they are everywhere (or at least could be).

Therefore, even a dumbass can figure out they want OpenOffice rather than KOffice. I wish they would merge (or could merge), and wipe MS Office off the face of the planet.

Until then, we're stuck with two very talented development teams struggling for market share with very similar packages working against eachother rather than building a SuperOffice package together.

Ah, the benefits of OSS, FOSS and Linux!

The typical page layout program is nothing more than an electronic light table for cutting and pasting documents.