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Comment: Re:Typical Obamabot revisionist history (Score 1) 355

by amginenigma (#45180975) Attached to: The Cost of the US Government Shutdown To Science
Careful there they live in their own world, don't upset that too much with logic and facts. What I don't get (being a State Govt employee myself) is why they are getting the 'furlough' pay back? I've been Furloughed one day a month (Up to recently here where we've gone to 1/2 a day a month) essentially since Obama took office. I won't be getting that pay back, ever, that's why it's called a 'furlough'... What the Fed govt employees got essentially was a PAID VACATION at OUR EXPENSE! Think about it, they got X number of days off, and they are getting that pay back... how in the Hell is that a 'furlough'??? What I really don't get is why it seems NO ONE ELSE HAS FIGURED THIS OUT YET...

Comment: RHEL / SLES (Score 1) 627

by amginenigma (#44530745) Attached to: Your preferred Linux distribution for 2013?
Yeah I'm complaining about the options... Where the $$$ is, yes granted many use CentOS or OpenSUSE but dammit when the $hit hits the fan and my 'google-fu' is more like 'google - F#$k Y0u' it's sure nice to be able to call up one of the tier three dolts and immediately get passed to tier two support as I've obviously blown through the 'support tree' that they are working off of and have someone who knows at least as much (if not more usually) than I fix my problem before half of the management staff is crowded into my office. Some of us use Linux for real work, just sayin...

Comment: Re:I do this currently.. (Score 5, Informative) 278

I also do not have the config in front of me, but mosaic is what you are looking for in your xconfig. Bit of googling (ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/256.35/README/sli.html) on that should point you in the right direction. And yes once configured it's as 'easy as Windowz...'

Comment: Re:we ditched vmware for xenserver 2 years back... (Score 2) 86

by amginenigma (#44147375) Attached to: XenServer 6.2 Is Now Fully Open Source
I run in what I'd say is a small shop, we have 21 sites the smallest of which have two hosts 13 'guests' with 12TB of shared storage. Our average site has four hosts, 22 'guests' and 48TB of storage (almost ready to double those as they are nearly full). The two data centers each have 11 hosts, over 100 hosts (virtual sprawl I'll admit I'm losing count and that's a bad thing) and 120TB of storage each. For VMWare with that many nodes we were looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars that no one wanted to spend. We switched to XEN roughly two years ago, in that time I've had one issue that I was literally able to 'google' the answer to before our Linux vendor responded to the support request. Yes you can get support for XEN from any of the big guys, and guess what, at least for the distro we use support for XEN is included. For us VMWare couldn't touch that with a ten meter cattle prod. Oh I manage all of that with one 'console', and no not one per site, one console to rule them all (ha had to sneak that in there). Was it free as in beer, sure, but that caused us to learn what we run rather than just poke buttons and call for support the instant something (anything) goes even slightly awry as I've seen others running competing solutions do.

Comment: 2013??? (Score 3, Informative) 267

by amginenigma (#43307623) Attached to: GNOME 3.8 Released Featuring New "Classic" Mode
Wait, wait, wait... wait, just wait... I thought the world DIDN'T end in 2012 like those crazy Maya believers said. The gnome team listening to feedback... wow what's next, no wait don't tell me. Microsoft will realize the folly of Windowz 8 in time to 'add' a feature in Windowz 9 SP1 that'll make the IT industry happy again. There it is, you heard it first here kiddies!

Comment: Re:Linux is now terrorism! (Score 2) 171

by amginenigma (#43241713) Attached to: Canonical and China Announce Ubuntu Collaboration
Why is it people ascribe *nix (specifically it seems Linux) as Communist software? If anything, in my odd little world it seems more Capitalist than Communist, maybe Socialist; but not Communist. To me it simply seems wrong to say that with Windows I'm running an OS that is installed on physical hardware I FREAKING OWN but I do not 'own' the code to the operating system running on that hardware. Linux is MINE, I can look at it, tweak it, do whatever the hell I want with it; I just do not see how being able to do whatever I want with something I own is 'communist' in any way shape or form. /end rant

+ - Homeland Security: "New Scanners Have Issues."->

Submitted by
Fluffeh writes "Although the DHS has spent around $90 million upgrading magnetometers with the new nudie scanners, federal investigators “identified vulnerabilities in the screening process” at domestic airports using so-called “full body scanners,” according to a classified internal Department of Homeland Security report. Exactly how bad the body scanners are is not being divulged publicly, but the Inspector General report made eight separate recommendations on how to improve screening. To quiet privacy concerns, the authorities are also spending $7 million to “remove the human factor from the image review process” and replace the passenger’s image with an avatar."
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