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by Vitriol+Angst (#47786175) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications

I've seen those detectors for over 20 years. Are you sure you aren't talking about the system being used to see how dense traffic is? A lot of roads get service based on the number of cars.

Doesn't sound like something NEW here. Nobody talks about it because there have been no real issues about it.

Now if you want conspiracies, you will start taking note of RFIDs on cars and tires and buried detectors... SSHHH!

Comment: Re:We need faster-than-light travel (Score 1) 65

That's a really bad idea.

You start sending out clones to live on other planets, and what happens 200 years later when they come back and try and blow up our planet?
"You suck dad! Fricken' planet never had a dry day, there's no beach, and our Froyo' cloning vat broke down so we can't grow any hot chicks."

Comment: I think they will find that there are fluctions. (Score 1) 246

by Vitriol+Angst (#47764707) Attached to: Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

I do believe this research may actually yield some surprises, but it doesn't necessarily mean that "location fluctuations" would mean we are living in a 2D holographic projection. I believe it is the opposite of that; we are living in a 12 dimensional universe that we experience as 4 Dimensional (time is the 4th property). The Higgs Boson and Dark matter are artifacts of space/time itself existing in a 4 Dimensional space we don't directly interact with.

Location can be manipulated and is influenced by a higher dimension -- so there will be measurable uncertainty, but it can prove the INVERSE of this hypothesis; we are the result of a higher dimension experienced as 4.

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by Vitriol+Angst (#47764661) Attached to: Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

Can you just imagine the apology letters the scientific community would have to send out?

"Dear Zeke Zebidia,

We apologize for not accepting your theory on 'Modification to Pants Suspenders to prevent falling off edge of space' that you sent to us in 2009 written on the back of a cereal box. It appears that you were correct and that your studies on the 'crazy behaviors of bugs and stuff'' to arrive and this solution was indeed valid.

If it would not be too impertinent, we would like to recommend you as head of faculty for Berkely and to run a graduate research program for 'weather modification via adjustments to trick knee.'

Dean of Flatt Stuff Investigations, Berkley University CA"

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by Vitriol+Angst (#47732075) Attached to: The Star That Exploded At the Dawn of Time

Where does the heat go NOW? It's a closed system (as far as we know).

Heat is energy, and it's either going into matter or more energy. So it becomes more Complex.

However, we have more Space -- so it's better to say that "heat has diffused, or become a more complex interaction." For instance, if all force at one time went in one direction, it "seems" like there is less energy if there is equal and opposing force. Also, is all particles in a system are headed in one direction - they still have force, but the energy seems to "be at rest" relative to that system. At least if we keep things in a Newtonian Universe.

I think however, that much of the energy has "sublimated" -- or is at a frequency we don't interact with. Like what is called quantum fluctuations or "vacuum energy". The "cold matter" we interact with, has a much lower frequency and so rides on top of a lot of the energy (like a carrier wave) that existed from the Big Bang. Not sure if that is accepted theory, but it's the obvious answer that springs to mind if I'm sticking with a General Relativity Universe.

To think about it is kind of awesome; right now, there is as much energy and activity as when the Universe first "exploded" into existence -- however, I theorize we have a 12 dimensional Universe, so a lot of the energy is being traded to a subset of 4 dimensions while we "appear" to have more empty space. The side effect of this interaction produces what we call gravity. However, that's just my theory, but it seems more simple than the other models. ;-)

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by Vitriol+Angst (#47731951) Attached to: UK Police Warn Sharing James Foley Killing Video Is a Crime

What I think England and America need is a ban on "sticking one's head up one's rear-end" -- you wouldn't think it was necessary to outlaw an anatomical contrivance so improbable, but yet, it would prevent people from promoting legislation like; "Viewing a video that we don't like is a criminal offense."

We also need a ban on the use of the word "Terrorist" because all it really means is; "actual bad guys, and people we don't like but don't want to trouble with the laws that get in our way". If someone commits a crime or act of war, we already have laws for that. No need to have "special classifications" for people like "enemy non-combatant." It just means; non-state recognized people who go to war and can't afford uniforms.

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Do you think it's possible that they are also ferreting out the paths an actual mole's information would go through?

However, I think what you say is NOT the reason, because it would mean that the NSA was a crafty and well run organization, with intelligent (yet evil) people at the top, and loyal workers doing their bidding.

An underling wouldn't just DECIDE to reveal this information if they were loyal. And someone at the top would have to be clever and understand a bit of tech to make the order.

What history has REALLY shown us;
While they have great hackers working there, and have found successful exploits. A low level geek "Snowden" was able to uproot their plans for World Domination, because they outsourced things to companies that were driven by profit and greed.

Their leader shot his mouth off a few times in an unwise fashion.

The NSA shows promising signs as a bottom heavy organization with not so intelligent but mean spirited people at the top. The ability to be in charge of such an organization is not the same as the ability to conquer the world.

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To me it means there are two possibilities;

1) The White Hats are being brazen because they know that the political appointees are not savvy enough to turn them in.

2) The White Hats are foolish, because looking at the type of exploits in Tor revealed would quickly narrow the list of mole suspects.

I seriously doubt #2 is the answer based on the type of person who would find these bugs. So it gives me hope that the "Geeks" are a separate class from the "Suits" and the suits as usual are arrogant political appointees who told the smart guys to "go get us everything" and the poor worker drones had to carry it out. But they are still hackers and they don't like authority like this.

Gives me hope. Fascists tend to promote small minds who follow orders and this is their undoing.

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If they had to pay import fees to sell to Americans if they were OUTSIDE the country -- then it would be a cost of business.

The only reason a company can get away with importing cheap labor to replace Americans is because we lowered the bar -- and all the companies that DON'T have less profits. They can certainly afford to stay in business, but it means the CEO has a smaller yacht than his peers.

A lot of us in America are hurting because rich deadbeats need to keep the respect of other rich deadbeats.

Comment: Re:Must be an alternate earth. (Score 1) 441

I'd just like to add that I think the argument is stronger if the statement; "We can't get good help in the USA" were true.

It's a lot like how a company that pollutes may save money, but the rest of us lose more money being sick.

If American's are not educated enough to fulfill corporate demands -- perhaps we need to revisit how many of them pay less than 13% taxes (on average) and some of the very largest pay less than 5% to 0%.

Americans for the most part pay for our own training and we have to compete with people from countries with a lower cost of living and where higher education may be free.

It's the same problem as outsourcing. Companies who do not hire in the USA should not get the benefits of being part of the USA and they should have to pay import tariffs even if they are registered as a company in Delaware.


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I don't think that deterrence works at all. But it does empower the FBI and a lot of government agencies to go snooping around IN CASE there is a broken window.

The police will tear gas people for ruining a park, and it costs more money than anyone in government put into that park in a year.

There are all these agencies looking for an excuse "for the children" "for security reasons" and "to protect property" and the lives and well being of actual people be damned. I can't afford to have my kids eat well or go to Soccer -- but thank goodness we spent all this money tracking down people on the web who MIGHT have done something.

yet still I get spam, and legitimate sites give me programs with trojans in them. I got nothing out of this security state.

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Will it improve society in any way?

You and I who are not inside the "justice bubble" as some are who make their living on the legal system know the answer is NO.

And thank you for bringing that point up. There is nobody who goes through the court system who is not going to feel a lot of pain. The concept of years in prison is a huge punishment. This guy does a few months and he won't do it again. Society is saved!

Comment: Re:The real crime here (Score 1) 460

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Having said all that, the MAIN problem with this man is stupidity.

If the point is deterrence and something FOR SOCIETY, than I can't see why any more than 6 months is reasonable. Prison is horrible and nobody in their right mind wants to be there -- despite the blather of people who don't expect to go who are "tough on crime".

I want crazy people who are going to kill me and rich people who abuse power in prison -- that's it. If we closed half of them this country would be headed in the right direction.

If the guy were SMART, he wouldn't be going to jail. And Jail seems to just be a place for POOR or STUPID. Everybody else just contributes a lot of money to the legal system.

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