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Comment: Re:Meal breaks are generally state law ... (Score 2) 186

by Vitriol+Angst (#48635049) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

After 30 years working in software development I've not seen a return to the bad old days as you suggest.

Well, I suppose if things are good for you then the problem is solved for all time.

Union negotiated rules are laws means you've got benefits on the backs of the efforts of others -- you're welcome. The fact that a lot of hourly employees at blue collar jobs work unpaid hours due to task quotas is also not your problem.

As soon as some Jim Crow Laws were repealed in red states because "we didn't need them any more" -- lawmakers went about abusing the election system before the ink was dry.

There is so much that is getting worse for workers and most people I know don't think their kids will have more opportunity than them. Have you heard some Republicans leaders talk about repealing certain labor laws because we don't need them any more? Probably not your problem.

Comment: Re:What about other manufacturers? (Score 1) 186

by Vitriol+Angst (#48634981) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

It's irrelevant what the conditions on those other products are because the companies haven't shouted from the roof tops how much they are doing to prevent the situation

So the fact that Forbes and other news agencies only mentioned Apple as "having slave labor camps" and not mentioning the thousands of other US companies using the same facilities, which required Apple to YET AGAIN go out of their way to try and improve conditions --- now leads to more responsibility on Apple's part because they've tried to improve conditions, they state on a web page that it's their intent (that's not really wanky advertising -- nobody finds that page unless they search for it).

So fuck -- here we are with another story that ONLY mentions Apple and you have no problem with that, but it's still "all Apple" because they had to defend their reputation. WTF?

Apple has no damn control in these factories other than moving their business. They have pressured to improve conditions -- but the workers are all clamoring to work at these factories and they fall asleep on other assembly lines. Why does it matter if it's an iPhone or a Sony Tablet?

There's also a lot of smog in these worker districts. I think a lot more corporations need to step up and have standards. The only real way to improve worker conditions is to support tariffs on imports and labor unions -- but that's gone out of style in America.

Comment: Re:Why what police force get involved when... (Score 1) 484

by Vitriol+Angst (#48634845) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

Wow, "on the internet" means the FBI is always involved because -- hey, it crosses state lines!

So now some media side show and innuendo flame war has caught the attention of three letter agencies. Good, they need another excuse not to go after bankers and people with power doing lot's of crimes and bust some more hippies saving trees.

Comment: Re:WTF happended to "small gubmint and freedom fri (Score 1) 434

by Vitriol+Angst (#48634775) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

My guess is that some corporations or interest groups are sending money to politicos in these neighboring states because they want to stop the legalization of drugs.

Or the cops are complaining because they can't get what they used to on confiscated marijuana.

Honestly, if they could hand out pot at high schools to keep kids off Meth -- that would be an improvement.

Comment: Re:Bremsstrahlung effect? (Score 1) 69

by Vitriol+Angst (#48626899) Attached to: Terrestrial Gamma Ray Bursts Very Common

Isn't thunder created by the vacuum of a collapsing ion trail from the lightning itself?

So the lightning creates a super charged plasma, and that heat and ionization forms a vacuum. Coupled with anti-matter and xray burst you get your perfect Gamma-Ray engine.

Now I did read that we could scan for life outside our solar system by looking for ionized light -- seems that the "left-handed chirality" of amino acids is do to the right-handedness of the more common organic compounds that a Yellow star creates. The right and left-handed carbon compounds cancel out over many reactions and the slight nod to right-handed means they are more plentiful. Since "more building blocks" equals less energy, life -- at least on earth, ended up being left-handed chemical bonds.

A plethora of left-handed carbon compounds on a planet full of life means that the light that bounces off of it will be polarized.

However -- if we can say that Lightning is created on planets with magnetospheres and oxygen, and likely is the catalyst for life (well, that's my guess -- regards to Mary Shelley). Then we might "more easily" find likely life-baring planets by detecting Gamma-Ray bursts. Should stick out more than polarized light.

Detecting both gamma-ray and polarization might give us a statistical probability for life. We will need some actual sample data more than one, however.


by Vitriol+Angst (#48592867) Attached to: The Shale Boom Won't Stop Climate Change; It Could Make It Worse

You can paint a sign on an elephant and call it a Petunia for all I care. Hitler has more in common with our Republican/Conservative Party in the USA than almost anything you could mention right now.

Both sides are allowing the wealthiest to buy the rules -- so in a few more years, it won't really matter who runs the stage show. I want a living wage, and I don't want to panic about health care and retirement. Even risk-taking super trapeze artists can use a safety net. Hitler was Progressive only in the sense that he made progress. He was socially regressive however. Remember, they persecuted people.

Whomever is not for war, not for companies over people, doesn't manipulate currencies, and above all else, values human life the most -- well, that's the person who is not like Hitler. Which group is suggesting we send a bunch of latin American refugees back across the border when the drug cartels are slaughtering school buses full of people? A lack of compassion and blind obedience to ideals is the direction of fascist pricks -- call it anything you want.

Comment: Re:As a technology director for a K-12 district (Score 1) 219

by Vitriol+Angst (#48379211) Attached to: Microsoft Losing the School Markets To iPads and Chromebooks

I remember about a year ago that Apple and IBM announced that they would be coordinating in Enterprise and adopting IBM solutions. So I'd say that there may be big progress in the near future in this space. IBM has a lot of strengths where Apple is weak.

Comment: Re:As a technology director for a K-12 district (Score 1) 219

by Vitriol+Angst (#48379157) Attached to: Microsoft Losing the School Markets To iPads and Chromebooks

As someone who has done some tech support for schools using touch devices, I can say that your "enterprise management" wish list while important, isn't likely a big issue except for all but the largest school systems. In addition, some of the largest school systems seemed to have the most problem with technology. Most schools don't even have their WIFI set up in a reliable way.

The most important factor is reliability and robustness of the device. Our number one support call was clearing the cache on an iPad. People ran these things without ever clearing an app out of memory -- for years. I don't know of any other computing device in consumers hands that runs for years without a reset -- but apparently, iPads do it all the time in schools.

Not having a keyboard, being able to easily lock them down, and the quality of the build is what is making the iPad the defacto standard. Budget sensitive schools have of course TRIED using Android and Chrome and other bargain devices -- and they've gotten burned. Only the Palm and the iPad seem to have a reputation for lasting more than a year. But most of them will not be using enterprise anything for a few more years (I don't disagree that Apple needs to get their act together in that regard).

Sure, you can afford to buy two Chromebooks for the price of an iPad -- and you will have to.

Comment: Re:Fear (Score 1) 58

There was panic over Ebola and fewer people in the US have died from it than have been killed by rubber ducks in bath tubs. We've spent at leas $4 Trillion going after terrorists for 9/11 which killed around 3,000 people. We've had more deaths from the flu or collateral damage from SWAT teams. Threats don't seem to be commensurate with their real effect on human life, but in how they manipulate public opinion and divert us from self empowerment. Humanity landed a craft on an asteroid and all most people knew was Kim Kardashian showed her butt on a magazine. Is this really about making money on advertising dollars or do we at some point wonder if there isn't a concerted effort to keep everyone ignorant and fearful?

If we spent our money making America better or the world a better place, we'd be more secure and the average American would be better off. Yes, terrorism is a jobs program -- but one that produces drag on the economy. Scanning each other with metal detectors doesn't teach a kid, it doesn't fix a bridge, it doesn't put a solar collector on a roof. In short; it's yet another way to suck money out of the economy and create support for that waste. Most people are convinced their jobs are vital, and are not created by regulation or makework -- but as we automate more, that's true of more and more people.

And this industry demands fear and insecurity -- if there is terrorist, they have to create one. I'm sure our drone strikes which happen far away from any oversight are creating a new crop of "people who just hate us for our freedom" (and not a lack of opportunity and living under fear and exploitation).

The path we are on is towards a dystopian future. We have to chance course, the same disease that is destroying our prosperity and disenfranchising 3rd world countries is killing the environment and basically making life suck for all but a few. The good news is that we can decide as a people to change this, the bad news is the media and the black box voting machines are owned by the same cabal that profits from the terror industry.

Comment: Re:To what Standard? (Score 1) 170

by Vitriol+Angst (#48322907) Attached to: NSA Director Says Agency Shares Most, But Not All, Bugs It Finds

My government protects me as I expect your government to protect you. Can't believe I'm going to do this... quoting blacklist quoting orwell, because i've certainly never read the mans essays myself, “Those who abjure violence can only do so by others committing violence on their behalf.”

We live in a representative Democracy -- we are NOT SUPPOSED TO TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT. We are supposed to be informed and we decide. If I can't handle the truth -- then the truth is that someone got out of hand and was doing the wrong thing.

Security is when people have hope and opportunity -- the only reason you need to spy on people is if you plan to cheat and manipulate them. Unenlightened people think that everyone is untrustworthy and cannot handle the truth -- because they are projecting their own issues. It is obviously a controversial thing; but if America treated other people the way we wanted to be treated, we wouldn't need so much military and espionage. Of course, we invade countries for security purposes because they don't like being cheated out of resources. The same thing that harms other countries and causes a wealth gap and destruction of the environment is the same global cancer that is making America a miserable country to live in.

Comment: Re:zomg singularity! (Score 2) 145

by Vitriol+Angst (#48215025) Attached to: Machine Learning Expert Michael Jordan On the Delusions of Big Data

I think there is a significant turning point that is arriving and it's NOT the singularity that Kurzweil imagined with artificial intelligence. It's computers and robots that are "good enough" to replace most human jobs. There are still going to be jobs for the people who fix the robots, but we are well on our path to diminishing jobs in return for progress in technology. The shovel-ready jobs are going to go away. Checkout lines, fast food, security, transportation -- there are many fields where an automated "drone like" device would be good enough. It frees up labor to do other tasks; like fill out unemployment forms.

For some time, many jobs have really depended on "make work." Regulation is the #1 provider for jobs. How many jobs would we lose if Taxes became merely a percent of income above 1 million and the rest tariffs that only importers paid? Overnight, accountants, clerks and ancillary jobs related to tax would disappear. There'd still be a few jobs in the rarefied world of "really smart" to allow companies to skir their tax burdens.

Most of us are not paid on merit -- and never have been. Most income is related to where you stand in the bottleneck of money -- not your value to society, the sweat of your brow, or your intelligence (though nominally, you can truly fail in some tasks without it). Income is a policy and society decision -- and our current public awareness, political landscape and "free market" driven oligarchy are not even on the same page with what to do.

Our current system of "growth" is unsustainable -- as is our Free Market. A lot of people have not understood it and some people will never allow themselves to come to terms with that because they've been weened on the "miracle of the invisible hand" -- which only existed because of Socialist reforms and wealth transfer to the poor in the first place.

What do we do when 80 to 90% are unemployed and they still live in a "work or die" country? It seems to me that our laws are ready to treat everyone as a bad guy and crush them. There is no middle ground between public assistance and starve to death. So do people opt out or do the fight? That's the future I worry about and I see no clear resolution.

The same inequities and bad planning that are killing the planet are the same ones that cause most of the misery for most people. I'm amazed that in a short time "most" people on Slashdot have moved from a Libertarian mindset to a Progressive -- likely because the goldmine days of Programming have dried up and now they can't feel like the "world is my oyster" wunderkind. They've got limits, responsibilities and problems they cannot surmount on their own. So I don't think it's impossible that people take the next logical step.

The "Singularity" that I see is that point at which the world has to change or devolve into Chaos. The age of the Free Market is coming to a close. The age of un-managed resources is coming to a close. And some people aren't going to like not having their toys. There are two choices; quickly remove all the population that is unnecessary or share stuff and people work if they've got something of value to offer -- like in Star Trek.

I'm already annoyed at having to explain these simple and obvious realities but that's life.

Comment: Re:Holy fucking wrong (Score 1) 571

by Vitriol+Angst (#48213233) Attached to: The Inevitable Death of the Internet Troll

Mod parent up to +11. Then mod them down -2 for swearing.

I think it's necessary to state the obvious that trolling is not stalking + INTERNET. Then sneak a dunce tag on the back of Congress weasels and Senator stooges who repeat this because their backers are large communications companies who want to kill net neutrality one "save the children" at a time.

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