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by ameen.ross (#47424393) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

I guess I'm not the only one who was a bit confused about that.

I just recently had one of my first LED bulbs fail (the most expensive one at that). It was an 8W dimmable bulb and it still flickers so I suspect the controller is broken and not the LED itself.

Got 2 new 12W bulbs this week for only €10 a pop, sent from China. And I love them. Just need to wait and see now how long they'll last.

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by ameen.ross (#47162589) Attached to: AMD, NVIDIA, and Developers Weigh In On GameWorks Controversy

That's interesting. Coding as a kid, I more or less came up with the same principle for my little programs. I also later figured that it was misguided to leave robustness up to the implementation, instead of the specification (or in my case the function definition).

API functions that have any reasonable expectations for default values should just define those defaults, not silently default to something seemly random and completely undocumented.

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And I am a native Dutch speaker, and while (West) Flemish has its own ISO language code, they're really Dutch dialects and they are much more intelligible to me (and most Dutch) than West Frisian. West Frisian, now that is a language in its own right, even though it's spoken in Friesland, a Dutch province.

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That's great, in theory. In reality it will just lead people to create very easy to remember passwords, since people are good at routine and not at things that change constantly. Those easy passwords, in turn, are much more easily cracked. How would you mitigate that risk, increasing the password change frequency?

I've worked with highly sensitive systems (*ahem* the Ogone payment system for one) that use silly policies like these, and yet are horribly unsafe. At one time when I tried to login with an expired password I got an error message saying that the password was not "completely" valid and that I should understand that the password is case-sensitive! Well, that message implies that they can do a case-insensitive check, which means they don't even hash passwords.

In my experience these policies just shift the responsibility for proper security to the end-user. Even though, in theory, it may act as a complementary security measure, in practice that's counterproductive for 99% of users. Also it is more often than not used as the only security measure (apart from the basic $input == $password).

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