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Comment Re:But why? (Score 2, Informative) 240 240

Wine runs the code almost raw - the only difference to running on windows is that Win32 API calls are handled by Wine rather than Windows. All the computation that Firefox itself does is run exactly as it is on windows, ad thus the optimisations MSVC makes to the machine code are still there when it's run under Wine.

Comment Not Good. (Score 1) 424 424

I did some research earlier in the year and decided that the filtering would either be ineffective due to humans attempting to maintain blacklists, or would result in a ridiculous amount of false positives (as quoted in the summary). And no opt-out? Yipes. I certainly hope this is the hand-picked blacklist that was the original proposition... but I really don't think they'll get anywhere with it. After all, it's alt.binaries you really have to worry about. On a more serious note, Rudd was in China jabbering Mandarin at a mysterious group of people a few months ago. Now we know who they were - Golden Shield sysadmins. Flee to the parts of Europe that aren't Sweden, the UK, Russia or Germany! Flee now!

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