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If the United States calculated the unemployment rate today, the same way they did in 1960, the unemployment rate would be over 25%.

If the United States stays on its current track, by 2050, 70% of the population will be permanently unemployed. A further 21% of the population will spend more than half of their life unemployed.

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The CIA has operated a communication intercept station in Mongolia since the early sixties. Whilst its focus is on Russian and Chinese communications, it does pickup, and analyze Mongolian signals.

How can you ensure that those ponies don't pass through the CIA communications intercept station?


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But with a written custody agreement in CA, he should have called the FBI in CA and reported a parental kidnapping.

You obviously aren't aware of the divorces, where one set of states have awarded custody of the child to one parent, and a different collection of states have awarded custody to the other parent, and a third group of states have awarded custody to one of the grandparents.

Then, just to make things complicated, the custody battle gets extended through the legal system of two or three different countries, preferably on different continents.


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Take a look at Utah State Law on adoptions.

The mother need not:

  • Be present at the hearing;

  • Be a citizen of the State of Utah;

  • Be a resident of the state of Utah;

The father need not:

  • Be notified of the hearing;

  • Be a citizen of the State of Utah;

  • Be a resident of the state of Utah;

  • Be present at the hearing;

  • Be told the results of the hearing;

  • Be represented by legal counsel;

  • The father can be, and usually is denied all legal rights to the child, but is not denied the responsibilities to the child;

The adoptive parent, or parents:

  • Need not be residents of the state of Utah;

  • Need not be citizens of the State of Utah;

  • Have to meet a minimal means test, to legally adopt the child;
    • For the father, imagine the following sequence of events

      • Being told that the child was stillborn;

      • The child is adopted within the state of Utah, without your knowledge, consent, or authorization;

      • Five years later your wages are garnished for failure to pay child support on the adopted child;

      That scenario is fairly close to standard operating procedure, for adoptions in the State of Utah. Especially the point that none of the parties --- adoptee parents, biological father, biological mother --- have any nexus within the state of Utah, or to the state of Utah. Not even members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or any of its splinter groups.

      This is the reason why mothers-to-be that want to be especially nasty to the father of their child, have the child adopted in Utah.


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Short of the US being invaded, I can't imagine a draft being put in place. Even then, there could likely be enough volunteers that a draft would not be necessary.

In the United States, the draft was installed during WW2, precisely because there were too many volunteers.

If you can read Japanese, I strongly recommend reading the history of the invasion of the West Coast of the United States, by the Japanese Army. Then ponder on why their chosen strategy would not fail today.


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I'm not sure accepting that creating needy children who have no ability to be patient is a good thing; It will, and is, creating a slave generation.

There is a difference between creating slaves, and creating people who are patient.

I know this is an incredibly unpopular thing to say right now, but consider that the first thing we do to a new child born into this world is to slap them in the face. Why would we do that?

FWIW, in traditional cultures --- the one's where the woman is working, and takes an hour off to give birth to the child, and then goes back to working --- the newborn infant is not slapped.

And when I told them that in spite of these achievements, we mostly use these capabilities to entertain instead of educate, and have so ingrained them into daily life that we have created children incapable of functioning without continuous access to these devices, they would likely be equally shocked.

Jerry Mander
  Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television
New York, NY: Harper Collins: 1978
ISBN-13 978-0-688-08274-1.

Our technology has created an unparalleled degree of dysfunction in the everyday person.

In the history of religion, technological advances have always been treated as creating a dystopian future. The standard prediction is that at the end of the world: Dystopia fights Utopia.


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There is *NO* reason a four year old "needs" a cell phone. None, zip, zero.

If a cell phone is a safety device for an adult, then it is a safety device for a child.

Cell phone ownership amongst the homeless population is close to 100%, because it is viewed by that population as a safety device. As such, homeless parents try to get cell phones, with limited minute plans, for all of their children. They also teach their children how to use the phone. The cost of the minutes is not the only issue to be to be concerned about.

Whilst that does not appear to be the situation here, it is a legitimate reason for a four year old to have a cell phone.


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The simple solution is to terminate all existing brick and mortar employees.

Install touchscreen kiosks, that are nothing but a wiki of the products that the store offers for sale. Let users browse that wiki. If they have specific questions, let them touch something that connects to a call center in, say, Walvis Bay. (A call center there costs roughly half the price of a call center in India.)

Hire one person, whose function is to ensure that the self-checkout registers are working correctly. Make that five employees, so the store can be open 7/24. Add five more employees, whose sole function is to clean the store every shift. (One person per shift to control the cleaning bots.)

If the local Walmart did that, their customer service would go up several orders of magnitude. That store would also be several orders of magnitude cleaner.

If Pennys did that, customer service would go up by several thousand orders of magnitude.

If Radio Shack did that, customer service would go up several million orders of magnitude.


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Wait five to ten years, and most of the things Family Dollar currently sells for under ten bucks, will only be available as 3D Patterns, for ten bucks, with unlimited printings.

If management of Sears Holdings Corporation were smart, they would:
* Make K-Mart an offline brand. No online/non-traditional retailing allowed;
* Rebrand all Sears Full Line stores to Big K-Mart;
* Use the Sears name only for Catalog, Internet, TV Shopping, and Telemarketing;
* Land's End would be a pattern company. Clothes, Home Decorating, and other patterns;
* KMart Stores would downsize in area, and only offer 2D and 3D patterns. The only physical objects would be the media that the pattern is in/on;
* KMart SuperCenter and Sears Grande would be merged into one chain, competing as a HyperMart, and include preprinted objects of the 3D and 2D patterns sold at K-Mart;

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I've seen 3D printers in the back room of tourist traps.
Usually to print out one day only junk, to inflict upon their victims, persuading them that the junk will be very rare one day.

I've no doubt that those printers can be used on a moment's notice to include the mark's name.

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The Tanakh was written in Hebrew and Aramaic.

There is a small group that thinks that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic. The supporting evidence is that some books in the NT might have originally been written in Aramaic. Some books (2 John, 3 John, Revelation) clearly were not originally written in Aramaic.

A much smaller group claims that the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin.

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Forty years ago one could buy an electric car that had a 500 mile range for under US$20K. I don't remember how long it took to recharge the battery though. :(

Literally everything in that vehicle was covered by an NDA. If you bought one, you had to sign an NDA.
The ultimate insult was when one of those vehicles was involved in an accident, and the manufacturer insisted that the traffic cop that took the accident report sign an NDA.

Other than that stupid NDA, it was a pretty good vehicle.

I've occasionally wondered what would have happened, had the owner of the company that made those vehicles been willing to distribute without requiring the NDA. (Ironically enough, he also taught new age classes on why the universe requires one to give everything away.)

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Here is a challenge for you:

Write a defense of creationism or homeopathy. Or, if you sympathize with those, write a paper that criticizes it.

In each instance, cite the scientific research, and use the chain of logic and reason that supports whichever stance you take, on whichever position you select. Take a long hard, critical look at the citations, research, and evidence you utilize.

You get a pass on the paper, only if nobody realizes that it advocates and supports a position that you neither hold, nor accept.

Until you can do that, you are utterly clueless about the position you allegedly hold, and even more clueless about the position that you allegedly reject.


I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.