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Comment Re:Tattoos - "only" 1 in 5? (Score 1) 71 71

>It also seems to be a requirement to work in food service or graphic design.

In a recent interview with the press, a local pizza owner said that there were some people he hadn't hired, because they had too many tattoos, visible body rings, and the like. The interviewer said that she didn't believe that was possible, given the average number of visible tattoos on the employees of that pizza parlor -- four ear rings, a nose ring, and at least one arm covered with tattoos. The pizza owner responded that it was, unfortunately, true. He felt sorry for those people he couldn't hire due to their appearance, because his business was usually their last chance of getting a job anywhere.

Comment Re:This is going to take a lot of testing (Score 1) 71 71

>My issue with it would be how do you tell who it's on when there are places tracing and pumping out the same tattoo stencils on thousands of people.

Some of us can go look at the same tattoo stencil on 100 different people, and tell you which of those people went to the same artist for their tattoo. Given 100 random photographs of the same tattoo stencil, determining which photos are from the same person is trivial.

Comment Re:It really doesn't matter (Score 1) 292 292

If you dig deep enough into the financial history books, you'll find that in the sixties and seventies, individuals were getting re-reimbursed by the company they worked for. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some companies still followed that practice, albeit using a more sophisticated means of "hiding" the connection between the political campaign, and the reimbursement.

Comment Re:Oh no... you mean... (Score 1) 292 292

5.5 time zones?
Canada: Atlantic Time, Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time.

United States:
Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Pacific Time, Alaska Time, Bering Time, Hawaii Time, and if you want to push things, that island with +14 GMT standard time zone, and the island with Caribbean Time.

Comment Re:Why use ISP email? (Score 1) 269 269

On average, 10% of the email in my Gmail Spam filter is legitimate email.
Were things slightly different, then at least 70% of the email in the GMail spam folder would be legally defined as "legitimate email", and I'd have to keep them.
And were I a government employee, 100% of the email in that folder would have to be retained, due to public record laws.

Comment Re:quotation marks (Score 1) 424 424

Google honours those rules by the breach thereof.

I suspect the OP, and I know I do, want the rules that Google really adheres to, when trying to search for something specific, especially when the search string contains bizarre punctuation.

Comment Re:Who gives a FUCK what a court says? (Score 1) 127 127

>When an ad looks like editorial content, it becomes hard to impossible to have an automatic script that identifies ad content

There is/was an extension for Firefox that identified opinion pieces as third party advertising masquerading as an opinion piece.

The surprising thing was how much content on "news" sites was third party advertising, masquerading as a "reliable news source".

Comment Re:Not Listening to Mike Rowe (Score 1) 1032 1032

>Taking out huge loans that you don't have a way to repay, to get a degree that has no potential for income, show a serious lack of judgement.

Offering loans to people who have neither the means to repay them, nor the potential to repay them, shows an even greater lack of judgment. As such, the company offering the loan should learn from its mistake, by the person defaulting on the loan.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 1032 1032

>Let's go ahead and shut out the vast majority of people seeking higher education,

By eliminating government funding of education, you eliminate the scam-schools, of which there have been thousands, that have sucked money out of people seeking a higher education, and didn't realize before they were scammed, that government approval of the school has nothing to do with the quality of service provided.

Or, if you insist of government funding, then the only schools that are allowed to receive funding, are those which can demonstrate that within 90 days of graduation, 50% of the graduates have a paying job in the field in which their degree is relevant, and within 180 days, 90% of the graduates have a paying job in the field in which their degree is relevant, and within 360 days, 100% of the graduates have a paying job in the field that their degree is in, that they would not have had, had they not had the degree.

Comment Re:SFLC's brief explains parts of this well (Score 1) 210 210

> but rather copying tens of thousands of words scattered throughout the Java Standard Library implementation.

Which, in turn, are copied from other standard library implementations, at least as far back as The C Standard Library, and and The C Programming Language.

Comment Re:Life (Score 1) 111 111

>However they are stories written by Greeks about non-contemporaneous events in a part of the world that did not speak Greek and did not have Greek customs

And yet another ignoramus proves their complete, utter, and absolute lack of knowledge about the Roman Empire in general, and the Middle East in specific, between 100 BCE and 100 CE.

Comment Re:You don't stop terrorists by patting people dow (Score 1) 357 357

>If you're a suspicious person then the system might just say "take a bus".

You obviously have taken an interstate bus trip recently. TSA does security checks at a number of bus and train stations throughout the country

>and subjecting people to additional security if they're on a list.

We know that people are placed on the current lists for any reason, or no reason at all. (One TSA employee put women who refused to go on a date with him, on the non-fly list.)

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