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To put the security difference into perspective, three random 6 character passwords that are stored using standard salted secure hashes can be cracked by a laptop in an hour.

Really? Okay, here are three NONrandom 6 character passwords that are stored using standard salted secure hashes:


Start your laptops, gentlemen. I'll even give you a hint. The first password is 123456. The second is abcdef.

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by amaupin (#42246311) Attached to: Book Review: Sams Teach Yourself Node.js In 24 Hours
Node.js is an event-driven system utilizing callbacks on a single thread. (So after requesting data from the database Node can continue responding to other events until the database comes back with an answer - it doesn't sit there waiting.) Javascript is particularly suited to this environment due to anonymous functions and closures.

Comment: Microsoft Security Essentials (Score 4, Insightful) 515

by amaupin (#41441649) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Actual Best-in-Show For Free Anti Virus?

First I used Avast, but after a while it began bugging me to to buy the paid version, and slowed down my PC with ill-timed, intensive scans.

I switched to AVG, but after a while it began bugging me to to buy the paid version, and slowed down my PC with ill-timed, intensive scans.

Now I use Microsoft Security Essentials, which is surprisingly good. So far.

Complement with a Spybot Search and Destroy scan every now and then and you're good to go.

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by amaupin (#40913793) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Depressing Sci-fi You've Ever Read?

... the excellent A Grey Moon Over China by Thomas A. Day. A tale of the life of a futuristic soldier who escapes Earth in a colony ark to a far away system. There his group attempts to colonize while dealing with their own internal politics and a non-human threat. The mistakes and triumphs of a lifetime really add up, and the ending left me with a sense of sadness that I strongly remember now, a few years later.

Wonderful book.

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by amaupin (#40249055) Attached to: Best Buy Chairman and Founder Resigns Ahead of Schedule

Although that bullshit of wanting your phone number on checkout is annoying. As well as the email address - I hate lying - Obama is getting a shit load of Microcenter "specials".

I always tell them my email address is a secret. Works every time. They ask for personal information but don't require any.

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by amaupin (#39860703) Attached to: Introducing SlashBI

You miss my point. I'm not complaining because I see my default background color. I'm pointing out that the CSS in question specifies font colors, faces, and other style elements while omitting body background-color. Yet the elements which are styled rely on a light gray or white body background.

If any background color were to suit the design, this would not be an issue. But that is not the case so this is an omission and mistake.

Comment: No background-color defined (Score 4, Informative) 339

by amaupin (#39856261) Attached to: Introducing SlashBI

You haven't defined a background-color for the body element, so it defaults to transparent. That means users will see whatever color they've told their web browser to default to as a background-color. No doubt you meant the site to have a white background, but you need to specify it. Browsing with an off-white color as my default, SlashBI looks pretty bad...

Rookie css mistake that is embarassingly common.

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Languages you inexplicably did not mention:

Python - Less boilerplate code than other languages, easy readable syntax that encourages clean code but more importantly allows a beginner to easily focus on control flow logic, functions, etc. Forget every other language mentioned - Python is where a beginning programmer should start. It's fun, will teach all the concepts, and can do anything.

Javascript - Runs inside any web browser and is the de facto language for web development. Exploding all over the place thanks to node.js and html5 canvas games/apps. Every web browser is a platform, making distribution of code to friends/family a snap.

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