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Comment Re:Yes, Please!!! (Score 1) 161

I agree with you in principle, but in practice it's hard to argue against the values that are at least currently uniquely provided by apps:

1) The icon is sitting on the user's home screen (or, to a lesser extent on another screen or in folder) when she unlocks her device. Sure you can create a bookmark of a webpage and put it on the desktop, but I'll bet the frequency of that behavior is miniscule.

2) Notifications are becoming very powerful means of interaction and some believe they'll radically change the game long-term (see https://blog.intercom.io/the-e...). While notifications are seeing support in browsers, we're a long way off from that working as well.

3) You know that big number badge that is hovering over your email icon in your desktop? It's a powerful tool to drive you to click on that application. Again, we may see a good implementation that parallels with web browsers, but we're a long way to go...

I love the idea of write once, access everywhere, but we have a LONG way to go...

Submission + - Best CMS solution for non-technical business? 3

amarkham writes: I'm working with a non-profit organization that would like to consider expanding their site from their fairly basic "HTML + minimal PHP" site. I'm an accomplished engineer and could build them a nice database-backed site, but don't like that approach as I realize I won't always be around to support them. I've also considered helping them get set up on Drupal or Joomla, but am concerned they'd still have trouble supporting it without reasonably technical support.

I haven't had much luck finding hosted CMS solutions (Refinery HQ?), but in theory, that'd be the way to go.

Any good suggestions?

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