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Comment: Re:Gigantic and growing! (Score 1) 209

by amRadioHed (#48023051) Attached to: My toy collection is ...

Playing with a baseball is not the same as playing baseball. Baseball is a specific game, a baseball is a specific piece of equipment. You can play baseball without a baseball, and you can play with a baseball without playing baseball. So unless legos is a particular activity that you use your legos to play, than saying "play legos" doesn't really make sense.

Comment: Re:Hangouts text chat - uses boatloads of data (Score 1) 162

by amRadioHed (#47877085) Attached to: Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

I use Hangouts pretty much every day and in the past month it's used less than 15MB of data total on my phone. This includes some photos I've sent with it. I have no idea what you are doing to get such high data usage, but I don't think it's typical.

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