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by am 2k (#46676215) Attached to: Blender Foundation Video Taken Down On YouTube For Copyright Violation

my company wrote, directed, filmed, and edited a music video for a lesser known artist who is a friend. We did it pro bono because he is a friend. We posted the video to YouTube and he started using it successfully to promote himself and get more appearances. [...] That bigger company claimed they owned the copyright on the video. Google happily revoked our right to monetize it and gave us the option to take it down or let the bigger company monetize it.

Well, this sucks, but it might actually be legally correct: When you friend signed away his soul to the record company, he gave them every right to act this way. As such, your company would have had to make a contract with the soul owner, not with the poor remains.

Many musicians seem to be very naive and don't realize this when they sign up with a publisher, not even years later. Many don't even seem to think it necessary to point this out when they're doing contract work, like for indie games, even though it's very relevant. YouTube casters (which are the main PR for indie games) are not allowed to review games that come with this kind of tainted music. They are not even allowed to show trailers of the game. The casters not getting paid for their work is the mildest of results from violating this law.

I've even seen musicians that tried to argue with their masters about that they would like them to allow game reviews, but it's a very sorry sight.

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I fail to see the difference between Oculus Rift and many of the HMDs that previously existed. Is this just a case where the pioneers got the arrows in their backs and the latecomers were able to monetize things?

Due to smartphones, the technology is now available to provide proper screens for HMDs. This is the critical piece that was missing previously. Also, what Palmer pioneered was using only a single lens to enhance the field of view, and doing the distortion correction in software, which wasn't possible until a few years ago (you basically need a fullscreen fragment shader while causing virtually no additional lag).

Also, to avoid nausea VR needs at least 60Hz (better 90Hz) display update rate, and you need very low latency for the head tracking (below 10ms). This wasn't possible until very recently either. For example, even the PS4 cannot do that in an acceptable resolution, you need a higher class PC for that.

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People who did the Kickstarter got their rewards. They got their dev kits.

No, the people didn't pledge to get dev kits, they pledged to get the chance to be among the first to develop their games for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift. Now the environment for that has changed drastically, and unlike in the previous mission statement, gaming takes a backseat.

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Or... SparkFun (and anyone else) could make multimeters without the yellow trim and all. It's not like that's an essential part of multimeter functionality.

But it won't have the same accuracy without the yellow trim! That's why the MM were made that way in the first place.

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Part of the problem is that once you know what to do, the how is trivial.

This might also be the one differentiating factor between patents with merit (like the mpeg stuff and rsa) and the whole crap that gets into the technews so often (like oneclick, shopping cart, slide-to-unlock, etc).

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Apple never "switched away" from openssl, they shipped their own implementation with the very first version of Mac OS X. They only packaged openssl with the system for other apps to use. I actually rewrote the XMPP encryption stuff in Adium to use the security framework instead of openssl way back in 2007, since that allowed me to use the built-in system dialogs for presenting certificates.

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No one uses GCC on Apple anymore so its really irrelevant. We've moved on to compilers that don't suck ass. GCC remains for fanboys but thats about it.

Tell that to certain tools coming from Linux that rely on STL interas only available in the GCC version of STL...

I'd give up my left testicle if Apple would magically port and start using Visual Studio in OSX though. I can't stand dealing with Windows anymore, but god I long for an IDE that doesn't suck ass.

I know quite a few Mac developers that say exactly the opposite ("I'd port my Mac app to Windows, if there was an IDE that didn't suck ass...").

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