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Comment: Re:Saw it at the Smithsonian a few years ago (Score 1) 99 99

by am 2k (#47901963) Attached to: Original 11' <em>Star Trek Enterprise</em> Model Being Restored Again

Simpsons 2F17, Radioactive Man:

Nelson, Ralph, and Martin watch a man paint black patches on a white horse.

Martin: Uh, Sir, why don't you just use real cows?
Painter: Cows don't look like cows on film. You gotta use horses.
Ralph: What do you do if you want something that looks like a horse?
Painter: Ehh, usually we just tape a bunch of cats together.

Comment: Re:Not Getting Paid (Score 2) 121 121

by am 2k (#47574171) Attached to: Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers

Your employer is not, in most cases, your friend.

Your employer is never your friend. If you have a friend you also do business with, you have to separate those affairs, otherwise it can get very problematic. I know someone who doesn't speak to his own brother any more, because they had a company together that went bad.

Comment: Asimov predicted it! (Score 2, Insightful) 265 265

by am 2k (#47420365) Attached to: Dubai's Climate-Controlled Dome City Is a Dystopia Waiting To Happen

That's what happened to Trantor in Asimov's Foundation series:

Trantor is depicted as the capital of the first Galactic Empire. Its land surface [...] was, with the exception of the Imperial Palace, entirely enclosed in artificial domes.

And so it begins...

Comment: Re:Maybe Swedes would *prefer* it a bit hotter ind (Score 1) 567 567

by am 2k (#47345481) Attached to: Swedish Farmers Have Doubts About Climatologists and Climate Change

Well, if the Gulf Stream ceases to exist due to the changes (which has been considered a couple of times), the Swedes won't be all that glad I guess. Siberia will look like a warm and cozy place in comparison. Rome will be a bit colder than New York.

Comment: Re:Predictable (Score 4, Interesting) 484 484

by am 2k (#47315163) Attached to: Supreme Court Rules Against Aereo Streaming Service
So, why is the spirit of the law ignored when it comes to tax code? Why are there so many companies with their seat in places like the Cayman Islands or San Marino, while 99% of the work force is in other countries like the US or somewhere in the EU? They still don't have to pay any taxes.

Comment: Re:Yes, but for the wrong reason (Score 1) 220 220

by am 2k (#47274515) Attached to: US Supreme Court Invalidates Patent For Being Software Patent

But what's an abstract idea?

Isn't the definition that you have to be able to give a patent to a developer skilled in the specific art and he/she can implement exactly the device described by the patent without inventing anything new? If that's not possible, the patent is supposed to be invalid because it's an abstract idea instead of a concrete implementation.

Comment: Re:Debuggers (Score 1) 294 294

by am 2k (#47031785) Attached to: Fixing the Pain of Programming

Simplest case, trying to debug remote code running on a server for which you have deploy-but-not-debug permissions on (this comes up a lot for me, actually).

For these cases, you should set up a local mirror environment where you are allowed to debug. Of course, if you can't reproduce the problem locally (because of system-interdependencies or a critical database you aren't allowed to copy for testing due to privacy issues), you have a problem...

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