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Comment Not wasted (Score 4, Insightful) 60

Before anyone goes around calling this pointless, the Japanese (as well as many other Asian countries) character system benefits from a higher resolution more than the writing systems used by most all Western countries. The symbols are far more dense, which makes the additional resolution more useful.

Here's a good image that shows off that difference that additional resolution can achieve.

Comment Re:AdBlock is being blocked by YouTube (Score 1) 200

Considering that most video content I see on the internet is from some self-loading player that I don't want, I hope YouTube passes around the technology as much as possible. I don't mind watching a short ad for a video I want to see, but most video is stuff I don't want. Slashdot started doing this shit recently so I turned on the disable ads feature for the site. The lightweight, graphic ads never bothered me, but anything that makes noise or eats up a lot of bandwidth or CPU can piss off. I wonder how popular a campaign to promise advertisers who use those annoying ads that we will never buy their product again until they quit would be.

Comment Re:Did we learn nothing from Snowden? (Score 1) 76

Even further, treat anything you post or put online as though it's public and everyone knows that it's you who posted it, even if you feel as though you have some expectation of privacy or anonymity. It's been shown time and again that if some group on 4chan dislikes you enough, they'll probably be able to find out who you really are and send pizzas to your house or worse.

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 1) 99

I was curious so I did a quick Google search and found the a longer form of the video from which the clip was taken (link contains time code to where the part in question starts) and watched it to get a sense of the context.

My interpretation of her comments is that she does believe that there there are a lot of things she now perceives as sexist that she otherwise would not have, and that while when she first came to feel this way, she felt the need to constantly point that out, she now believes its better to more carefully choose which things to discuss rather than jumping on every single thing. Perhaps there's more to it than that as the video I found was just hightlighting parts where she was speaking or responding to questions, but it doesn't seem that way even given more context. Given she makes a video series about sexism in games, it's not really difficult to treat her comments as a fairly close representation of her beliefs.

Either way I find the whole argument rather moot, as her views are rooted in Patriarchy theory which is on about the same level as lizard people or the Illuminati. And much like other religions, I don't really expect anything intelligible to come from anything that's steeped in articles of faith and dogma instead of empiricism or logic. But if you're going to have a religion, someone needs to pass around the collection plate and it may as well be her because apparently there's good money to be made there. I feel that if people wanted to further equality for women there are better people to give their money to than Anita, but it's their money to do with as they will. I think people only stick up for her out of some sense of tribalism (she's one of us, or I'm with her) than for anything practical, but that's just my take on it.

Comment Re:Military 'service' nothing but paid murder. (Score 4, Insightful) 359

Having a general blanket statement like that and suggesting it be considered insightful based on one individual is a bit like claiming all Jews are swindlers and pointing to Bernie Madoff in defense of the statement. I'm sure other examples could be made as well that you would find disgusting.

Comment Re:Unionize (Score 1) 340

That's easy to get around. Just make a job description that's impossible to fill and you'll probably get very few or no applicants for the position. Just claim to want 5 years of experience for something that's only existed for 3.

What we should do instead is limit the total pool of available H1B visas with the only way to get new applicants in is to have previous applicants become citizens (if we're going to have immigration, let's get highly qualified immigrants) or leave the country. Have open bidding for any remaining visas to drive the cost up to the point where you really need someone specialized to make it worth while. Also, don't make their visa status dependent on employment, so that a single company can't effectively hold the applicants hostage and then refuse to enlarge the pool so long as there is more than 2% unemployment among current H1B holders.

If companies are willing to pay high wages due to competition among them for visas and are constantly using up all the available visas, then there's reason to grow the pool because they should be paying as much or more than the labor rates for hiring citizens and we clearly do lack the talent businesses need to grow. Otherwise, they can pick from the pool of existing H1B holders or go without.

Comment Re:Do Not Conflate This With Individual Free Speec (Score 1) 108

The funny thing is that with the guidelines in the U.S. it's fine to use superlatives, at least with parity products, but you cannot claim to be better than some specific product without proof. The reasoning is that most common items are made from the same basic formula. One brand of dish soap is pretty much the same as any other and because they're so similar, they can claim to be the best, because as far as the law is concerned the products are essentially the same.

Comment Re:That'e exactly the wrong outcome! (Score 1) 42

Any form of patent system is naturally a deterrent to a free market as you have created an artificial monopoly by law and are using the government to enforce it. In any game with intelligent players, the best will tend to gravitate towards whatever strategy is most effective and in a world where neither party has enough patents to stop the other, it makes the most sense to cooperate against any third parties.

You can't complain about one form of anti-competitive behavior when you have a system that is already enforcing a different form of anti-competitive behavior. Going on to blame "the free market" when we don't have one to begin with is just being dishonest. Your complaint should be that these form of government restrictions on the market are bad, not that the idea of the market itself is somehow a problem. If the rules are encouraging bad behavior, then it's the rules that need to be changed.

Comment Re:Biased IQ tests (Score 1) 444

IQ tests have been shown to be culturally biased (and thus indirectly racially biased), as there's an assumption that people will have certain cultural knowledge & norms.

Perhaps those tests which rely on questions that require some cultural knowledge (which seem to be more of a test of how well you know a culture than general learning ability, but I digress), but please tell me how something like Raven's progressive matrices is culturally or racially biased.

Comment Re:Must be discrimination (Score 4, Insightful) 444

You'd simply want to control for those factors, not dismiss them outright. If after controlling for socioeconomic status, family/home situation, etc. you find that there is still a large gap along racial lines, then there is probably some racial bias in existence.

However, in most cases when you do this, the difference comes out to be much smaller. A good example is the supposed wage gap where women only earn ~77% as much as men. It's just a case of bad statistics, and when you control for various factors (occupation, overtime, years working, etc.) you tend to arrive at a much smaller gap (usually 3-7%) that no longer allows for such sensational claims, so people stick to parroting the statistic that makes their cause look best.

Comment Re:my guess? (Score 1) 40

My guess is that it's an effort to avoid the looming backlash as Congress (who barely even perceives the internet yet) starts to get waves of angry mail from constituents complaining that they've "lost our life savings on this Kick-Starter-thing and now they claim they're not responsible"....

If that were true, Congress would have come down much harder on the banks and stock market already after the housing crisis.

They don't really care, but a few might use it as a point to extort^H^H^H^H^H^H get campaign donations from Kickstarter.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here... (Score 1) 165

It's even worse than that, because workers aren't stupid and they will attempt to make their metrics look good whether or not that produces any actual value. It's a kind of madness where so long as whatever numbers we have decided should look good, we'll believe things are actually good even if the metrics are unreasonable or simply fabrications (see the VW fiasco).

It's not just companies that do this either. It also occurs in police forces where there's a pressure to have good numbers so cops misreport crimes so that things look good.

It's obvious that some employees are more productive or add more value than others, but a simple metric system isn't going to capture that and will just end up being counter-productive as people find it's easier to game the system.

Comment Re:School isn't there to enrich lives (Score 1) 246

I'm rather curious where school is starting at 7 AM as that's rather early. When I was growing up it started at 8:45 AM. Starting at 7 AM would require kids waking up at 6 if they're going to shower, eat, and take care of any hygiene needs in addition to allowing for travel time to school and isn't any more convenient for parents unless they are dropping of their kids and then have a long commute to work.

The only reason to start later than that is perhaps if you're farther north and the sun doesn't rise until much later in the morning during the winter months, otherwise the sun is up by 7:30 for most the country for most of the year and people will naturally wake up in response to light.

Comment Re:School isn't there to enrich lives (Score 1, Insightful) 246

If kids need more sleep, wouldn't it be sufficient to go to bed sooner?

If you move the start of school two hours later, kids will just stay up or out later and still be sleep deprived. The start time was made to serve the working class so that they would have their kids in school before getting to their jobs so they wouldn't have to worry about the kids being home by themselves for several hours because someone wanted to move the start time later in the morning, because apparently the only way to get more sleep is to wake up later.

Our educational system could be a hell of a lot better, but I hardly think that the arguments you've chosen are representative of those problems or even necessarily support the points that you're making.

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